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Kelly Huddleston debuts as co-host of the podcast. She's a comedian and actor with notable roles including Don Draper's dead whore mother in Mad Men and as one of John Lithgow's first and naked victim in Dexter among others, each with its own crazy story. 

In this, their first episode together, and the first episode since Hank moved to Los Angeles, Hank and Kelly get to know each other since they're not really friends yet. Kelly wonders if donating used deodorant is socially acceptable or not, how Hank murdered helpless fish in his former career, a sad sad strip club, Kelly's brush with a professional dominatrix, abortion for dogs and porn for blind people. Kelly details the process for auditioning for a nude death scene and what it was like filming her scene in Dexter in which she acted (wrestled) naked with John Lithgow, also naked. 

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