Winners and Losers Show
Episode 063 - Mike Stanley

Comedian Mike Stanley joined Hank and Jeff on the podcast to discuss Mike's shirt, small-crowd dynamics, Mike's disappointing experience at the San Francisco Comedy Festival, the politics of club proximity, ye olde Lakeshore Theatre, making short films, "Salty Language, Peppered Morals", the World Series of Huh?, Infrequency, parallelogram writing, giving up vicey drinks and Hank shares a dishwashing tip with the listeners. Funny, interesting and informative. Listen, today!

out of context quotes:

"It's like having people paint against each other."

"You can't have a huge Cash and a tiny Elvis!"

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Episode 062 - GoonTube with Joe M and Joe F

Sithlords Joe McAdam and Joe Fernandez join Hank on the podcast to discuss blackface, Hank's drive across the country, themed restaurants gone wrong, Gary Sinese's niece, Joe F's trip to Vegas for a comedy competition, Joe M got some wedding booty, trucker sex, delivery vs material and Hank reads YouTube comments sent to him from angry fans of Multi Talented Star. HAMMMBURGER!

out of context quote:

"I said bananers. I meant bananers."

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Episode 061 - David Drake

Comedian David Drake joins Hank and Joe on the podcast to discuss water birth, Hank's encounter with a homeless guy, Game of Thrones, how David became a veterinarian in Thailand, another round of the DALAI LAMA OR PORNSTAR game!, Drake on Drake on Drake and then we get serious and solve politics. Super fun show. Listen, today!

out of context quote:

"Harrison Ford, look it up."

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Episode 060 - Mike Sheehan

Comedian Mike Sheehan joins Hank and Jeff to discuss how Hank met Eddie Peppitone, car-jacking and the origin of the name "Winners and Losers", the woes and hoes of dating, the business of podcasting and Jeff's crazy plans to use his legs more. Super fun show. Magical, almost. Listen!

out of context quote:

"You ever seen a hippo drunk?"

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