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Episode 052 - Jesse Baltest Part 2

Comedian Jesse Baltes joins Hank and Joe for Part 2 of the podcast to discuss murder and romantic fantasies.

out of context quote:

"I have romantic fantasies."

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Episode 051 - Jesse Baltes Part 1

Comedian Jesse Baltes joins Hank and Joe on the podcast to talk about giving tours around chicago, vitamins/propaganda for hearts, circumcision, the origins of protestantism, Count Chocula's Classic Conundrums and the morality of murder. One of our most hilarious and philsophical episodes yet. This is Part 1 of a 2 part episode. Really fun show.

out of context quote:

"The world can only have one devil."

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Episode 050 - Dan Friesen

Comedian and podcaster Dan Friesen joins Hank and Joe on the podcast. They discuss the Internet sensation Dorota the 'Multi Talented Star,' missouri meth culture, octopuss anatomy and then they argue about smoking. Plus a whole lot more. Listen now!

out of context quotes:

"Smoke a nicotine patch! SMOKE A NICOTINE PATCH!"

"Nicotine patch adams."

Dan's Podcast: The Symposium Podcast

Joe's Website:

Read more about Multi Talented Star at

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Episode 049 - Simmons McDavid Loves New York

Comedian Simmons McDavid joins Hank and Jeff on the podcast. They discuss emotional eating, Simmons' impending move to New York, the church of Chick-Fil-A, the evils of the brown cowbird, how Jeff and Simmons are wrong about Hank's teeth, and that Simmons fighting days are (hopefully) over. Plus a whole bunch more.

out of context quotes:

"Jeff, what do you do when you feel sad?"

"I hope you find someone to keep you from getting jumped in New York."

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Episode 048 - Marty DeRosa

Comedian Marty DeRosa joins Hank and Lauren on the podcast. We discuss making yourself laugh, flaccid weinies, Hank's stance against Facebook birthdays, Marty and Lauren hatch an evil plan, Red Shoe Diaries, porn categories, Lauren's HDM (Head Don't Match) problem, the dangers of veganism, ankle sexiness and more than our heads can remember.

out context quote:

"I've had a large head my whole life."

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