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Episode 090 - Matt Kona

Comedian and podcaster Matt Kona comes all the way from Boston to discuss bombing in front of 400 bikers, the Boston comedy scene, the absurdity of Facebook's event system, doing comedy while traveling, secrets of the meat department, who must whip it, and like all podcasts: crazy sex stories, during which Hank describes the saddest thing he's ever seen in his life. Plus, like, WAY more. Listen now!

out of context quote:

"This taco truck. It was run by these burlesque people."


Matt's website: and Twitter: @MattKona

Hank's website: and Twitter: @Hank_Thompson


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Part 2 with funnyman Tyson K and Joe McAdam. In this exciting conclusion we drink the second half of the case of beer while talking about time capsules, date banging, Lank Thompson: Handsome Actor, Tyson's tips on doing well in black rooms, the joys of balding, and what it takes to become an elite athlete. Plus tons more you'll enjoy. Get it!

out of context quotes:

"When I go home, I'm a local. When I go somewhere else, somone else is a local."

"I'm getting drinky."


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