Winners and Losers Show

Comedian and singer Natalie Jose joins Hank and Matt for a discussion about the Star Trek movie, the most extreme genital, Natalie's three bands, the Chicago Women's Funny Festival, Taste of Chicago? More like Waste of Chicago, Hank has his knowledge of women tested, Natalie almost passes out in public and gets hit on by her rescuers, taking improv classes and failure. Plus a ton more fun!

out of context quote:

"Truth in comedy. Am I right, Officer Riggs?"


The Weepin Willlows on YouTube and Natalie's Twitter: @NatalieJose

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Episode 093 - Bill Cruz and Mikey Manker

Comedian and d*ck picker Mikey Manker and comedian and d*ck pickee Bill Cruz joins Hank on the podcast. Topics includes: telemundo babes, how to make corn tortillas, the joys of divorce, Hank's first feature gig, Falstaff the Shakespeare guy, the phenomenon of dick drunk, Bill's reign as prom prince, the great Shawshank Redemption racism debate, and a heck of a lot more hilarious and fun talk. For your ears!

out of context quotes:

"Hi, I'm Co Guest, Christopher Guest's son, Co."

"Don't consider something funny just because I laugh at it."


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Episode 092 - Joyceover Work with Mike Joyce

Comedian and guy Mike Joyce joins Hank and Joe McAdam on the podcast. Topics include chest hair, Mike witnessed a motorcycle crash, bush-grooming for married men, the glory Troll 2 and Best Worst Movie, Hank's loneliness, pervy furries, the Kiwani's Club, religion, listeners call in and mercilessly bababooey Hank and we solve the classic debate: Waffles, Pancakes or French Toast? (The answer is Crepes.) Plus a whole lot more!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Hank is launching an advice column/segment called Askplay. As a professional advice expert Hank is qualified to offer advice on any topic. Email: "" with a question or quandry and Hank will solve your problem.

out of context quote:

"He'd be Robocop's boss."

"I'd say it was more of an exasperated guffaw."


Mike's website: and Twitter: @NotMikeJoyce

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Hank's website: and Twitter: @Hank_Thompson


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Comedian and podcaster James Fritz (@JamesFritzComic) joins Hank and Joe on the podcast. Discussion includes Hank's heartwarming origin story and James' role in it, public urination, Hank almost passed out at the doctor, and James shares his experience featuring for Jamie Kilstein. And a whole lot more. And more. Get it now!

out of context quote:

"Yeah, warts don't always just come from women."


James' podcast: You Could Be Dead and Twitter: @JamesFritzComic

Joe's website: and Twitter: @JoeMcAdam

Hank's website: and Twitter: @Hank_Thompson


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