Winners and Losers Show

Comedian and podcaster Collin Bullock joins Hank and Jeff on the show to discuss what we would be if we could be any one profession for a year and then we take Collin apart and reassemble him in an effort to figure out just what the f*ck is up with him. Things get interesting and honest and still stays funny. Listen today!

out of context quote:

"Suddenly Zuckerberg is getting his tentacles into your dementia."

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Episode 056 - Adam Burke and Will Miles

Comedians Adam Burke and Will Miles join Hank on the podcast to discuss their recent week of feature work at Zanies, heckler stories, the origin of Adam's mysterious accent, Hank's declaration of war on his farmer's tan, getting comedy advice from other people, Will's experience being a contestant on a dating show and we figure out the various words used to describe women. This episode is hot and stunning! Please listen.

out of context quote:

"I was worried a bug would land on my nipple."

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Episode 055 - Ken Barnard

Comedian and tall Ken Barnard joins Hank and Joe on the podcast to discuss his move to LA, scary factories, and wizard of oz revelations. Then Joe helps us understand Catcher in the Rye before we go deep on the role of love in sex and enjoy another insightful round of America's Favorite Segment, ROMANTIC FANTASIES. Then some improv talk, the old clown vs priest debate and getting nookie at a wedding. Plus much much more. Please, listen.

out of context quote:

"Sounds like Rosie O'Donnell produced it."

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Ken Barnard's website and Twitter: @KenBarnard

Joe Fernandez's website and Twitter: @JoeFernandez

Hank Thompson's website and Twitter: @Hank_Thompson

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Episode 054 - Matt Riggs

Comedian, podcaster and real-life Grimace, Matt Riggs, joins Hank and Joe on the podcast to discuss the butts of smoking, the biggest trick in the bible, hilarious rollercoaster tragedies and Matt's experience working at a theme park. Hank FACT CHECK's headbanging with a bird, women's fashion gets a thorough examination as well as Fashion Do's and Don'ts for the Office and new segment ROMANTIC FANTASIES leads to hilarious and interesting stories like when Joe chased after... plus more! And more!

out of context quote:

"I did get to yell at a spitter."

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Check out these links:

Jessie and Matt's Podcast

Joe Fernandez'z Website

Suck Professor (Hank's blog)

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Episode 053 - David Mascorro

Comedian David Mascorro joins Hank and Kenny on the podcast. Kenny tells the story of a weird day at work, then after we take a look at history we fix the future for all humanity while discussing politics, conspiracies and the futility of war. Also there's peepee talk to keep you interested.

out of context quote:

"It'd be like if a peach had a mohawk."

Follow Hank on Twitter: @Hank_Thompson

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