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Episode 082 - Dan Ronan

Comedian Dan Ronan joins Hank on the podcast. Topics include: childhood pets, how boilers work, the Lincoln Lodge, Kim Kardashian and Michael Jordan, a bookee confronts a booker and awkward ensues, how stand up attracts nutty people, YouTube and terrible comedy and screaming asian reporters, ronan's childhood speech impediment and smallness, and shame, fear, embarrassment and other stories of childhood. Unexpectedly soulful, this episode.

out of context quotes:

"It's the high school hallway but everyone's drunk and fucking each other."

"I have scars on my legs still from rides in the Bluebird of Happiness."


Lincoln Lodge website: Dan's Twitter: @RonanComedy

Hank's Twitter: @Hank_Thompson


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Episode 081 - Bedroom Sighs with Megan Gailey

Comedian and female Megan Gailey (@MeganGailey) joins males Hank and Joe on the podcast. Topics include: how female comedians are introduced, the audition process/doing commercials for companies you don't support, bedroom eyes, Megan was almost a Bud Light Girl for the Super Bowl and got over it by going to the Super Bowl, puppy dog face and other manipulations, nursing home nookie, another round of DALAI LAMA OR PORNSTAR!, quitting smoking. So many words were spoken!

out of context quote:

"All these fancy people can't be bothered by regulars. We don't need them touching us."


Megan's podcast:

Joe's comedy group:

Hank's website:

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Episode 080 - Sean Flannery

Comedian and podcaster Sean Flannery (@Sean_M_Flannery) joins Hank and Joe on the podcast. Topics include: Sean's sports parody show: Visitor's Locker Room, sports sensationalism and the role it plays in society, tribalism, America's Religion: Football, stadiums, Hank solves the NFL's concussion problem, Robot Jocks, Green Bay's unique organizational structure, birthdays and Birthday shows, How Sean developed his one man show Never Been to Paris, working at the UCB, crazy drunk stories from dudes, Sean (and his very tolerant wife) lived with a comb over, Drive, Bronson and Real Steel. Plus more and more!
out of context quotes:
"I consider the NFL to be borderline evil."
"I fell down earlier today."
See Sean's One Man Show, Never Been to Paris at Comedy Bar, Sean's website:
Joe McAdam's website: and twitter (@JoeMcAdam)
Hank's website: and twitter: (@Hank_Thompson)
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Episode 079 - Pete Holmes

Comedian, writer, podcaster and voice Pete Holmes (@peteholmez) joins Hank on the podcast. Topics include: transitioning from improv to stand up, the duality of existence, breaking down material and the layers of details, being a fan of yourself, sex and stand up, Pete's thought process between shows, what motivates decision-making and why people choose comedy, how his podcast has affected the crowds, life as a famous fake baby, the riff rift, Pete cartoons for the New Yorker, Hank loses track of a thought about being in the moment, writing for television overthinking, watering yourself, aggro can be appropo, angry dad/smothering mother, talent, drive, crazy and the other things it takes to succeed. Plus tons more! Thanks for listening!

out of context quote:

"All the things that make sex good make stand up good"


Follow Pete on Twitter: (@PeteHolmez). His website: ( Listen to his podcast: (You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes)

Follow Hank on Twitter: (@Hank_Thompson). Here's his blog: (


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