Winners and Losers Show

PART1- Comedian & newest Friend Matt Riggs joins Hank and Jeff on the podcast. Listen to: Hank's Zanies recap, the wonders and blunders of padded toilet seats, sleeping nekid, In Living Color auditions are in town, will the new Laugh Factory make it?, World's most famous heights according to google, SEGMENT: SET LIST POETRY, we share our most desired places to have sex and Jeff regales us with a tale about a booking request gone wrong.

out of context quote:

"Good day, Surge!"


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Happy Fuggin' Holidays, Everybody! Comedians Matty Ryan (@Matty_Ryan) and Kevin Lee (@CaptchaArtist) join Hank on the podcast. Matty recently spent 2 or 3 months in Vietnam/Cambodia/Laos and Kevin recently moved to LA. Hear us talk about the beds and toilets in Asia, Matty sleeps with a Cambodian man, crazy ass rat stories, creepy sex tourists, Kevin attended a Conan taping, SEGMENT: SET LIST POETRY, voicemails from Hank's dad with joke suggestions, Joe Piscapo, cougar bars, eye contact with pets during sex, a truly horrific restaurant in Asia and eating a still-beating cobra heart. Very fun show. We laughed. You will too.

out of context quotes:

"And I'm almost fat enough to have a third strike against me."

"My turds are walking!"

Thank you for your listenership. 2011 was a great year and 2012 will also be great. Great great great.

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Comedian and Reena Calm joins Hank and Joe on the podcast. Topics include the open mic Reena runs (3 Dead Moose, Sundays 9pm), Hank's calf encounters a dog tooth, Reena's awkward encounters with her neighbors, how dating is deflating, Second City's writing program, Reena's nightmare gig at a law firm's Xmas party, Show Talk: American Horror Story, Joe finds a dead cat and other fun, Pigpen's home life, porn is horrible except when not, Israel, Marc Maron, and Hank's failed pick up of a babe. Plus more! Thank you.

out of context quotes:

"...the one that makes sure you don't have schmutz on your face."

"Then I sniffed it and it smelled like my dinner."

"Purim? Damn near killed 'em!"

Special holiday message to all the listeners: Happy Holidays.

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Episode 067 - New York New York with Simmons McDavid

Comedian and guy Simmons McDavid joins Hank on the podcast to discuss Simmons's experience with the New York comedy scene, mistakes he made after getting too drunk hosting an open mic, the importance of polish, Hank defiles the Three Stooges trailer, the truth about the Mona Lisa, blankies, Simmons lost the Cleveland Comedy Fest, pizza movie talk, where to get live crabs, a news story about the dangers of walking into a moving propeller, and Simmons sees a crazy bolo man.

out of context quote:

" I'm stuck in a purgatory of sincerity or something."

Watch Hank's short film, Rise, on Vimeo.

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Episode 066 - To the Point with Dan Friesen

Comedian and podcaster Dan Friesen (@friesenpoint) joins Hank (@Hank_Thompson) on the podcast. Topics include bee sting stories, Hank's nervous performance at Laughing Liberally, the beer of champagne, RISE - the short film starring Hank Thompson and Jeff Steinbrunner, finding your path in life, Hank recommends another guy's podcast, Dan's podcast The Friesen Point and a story about a guy mistakenly diagnosed as being in a coma leads to Hank's terrible choice for a date movie.

out of context quote:

"It's not a soul patch if it's surrounded by beard."

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