Winners and Losers Show

Red Bar Radio's Mike David joins Hank and Kenny DeForest on the podcast.

HUGE EPISODE. Mike David talks with us about his experience podcasting over the last 9 years and running a successful comedy club in Chicago. We had a great conversation and covered a lot of ground, TONS of great topics for comedy and podcasting fans, also another round of the famous "DALAI LAMA or PORNSTAR?" 2.5 hours of fun!

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Episode 018 - Little Esther

Comedian Esther Povitsky joins Jeff and Hank on the podcast.

Esther's dad is magical, twitter, hand-modeling tiny hands, being Little and being little, the Naughty Show, another round of DALAI LAMA or PORNSTAR (with bonus round), Hank defends bitchy hot chicks, Esther's decision to move to LA to pursue comedy, griffons aren't phoenixes, the LA comedy scene, counting sets, Esther on the Adam Carolla Show, Lada Ga who?, Joe Rogan report: awesome podcast, even awesomer guy, sexy sexy sarlacc, telling people you do comedy is a bad idea cause they're idiots, being a comedienne

out of context quote:

"Those hands would make a candy cane look huge!"


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Episode 017 - Jack Calhoun

Comedian Jack Calhoun joins Jeff and Hank on the podcast.

Jeff's anatomy, t-shirts for fats, Jack goes on TV as a fitness guy, Loft on Lincoln is a great and legal open mic, roofs and their effect on panties, Chicago's southern suburbs, wheelchair etiquette, Jack's apartment is huge and filled with crazy, crab names, Weeds open mic is comedy holocaust, Speak Easy is a comedy show that isnt zany, getting booked, bad shows, fliering is terrible, the timing of moving to LA or NY, adult swimming. AND MORE!

out of context quotes:

"Women like honesty. It's the only thing you need to remember to fake."

"How do fish know they like worms?"

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Episode 015 - CJ Toledano

Comedian CJ Toledano joins Hank and Joe on the podcast.

CJ Toblerone is moving to LA to work for the Conan O'Brien show, Luke Russert steals jobs from minorities, Kenny DeForest, what the fuck does a script intern do, generic cigarettes, the genius of Gallagher, the Late Live Show, Hank reveals exclusive details of the next season of Sons of Anarchy, A NEW SEGMENT: Dalai Lama or Pornstar?, Hank does a heartfelt tribute to the late Ron Santo, Kenny DeForest, the movie BIG mislead children, CJ was a footballer and a filipino fashion man, the writing process for the Late Live Show, Hank explains how candles work. And more Kenny Deforest.

Note from Hank: Depending on how you listen to this, one of the voices may be slightly louder than the other two. If this bothers you, I'm sorry. If it doesn't, then thanks for listening. I'm probably over-analyzing what may or may not be a problem but my intention is to bring you the highest possible sound quality. The only problem is I don't know what I'm doing. But I'm learning. And I won't repeat mistakes. Also, you're damn good looking. Yeah, you. Right now. You're hot, whoever you are! Don't change a thing. Love ya!

out of context quotes:

"I know how to lick things, Hank!"

"Being fat is a disease of the mouth."

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