Winners and Losers Show
Episode 040 - Springtime Fun with Ricky Gonzalez and Joe McAdam

Comedians Ricky Gonzalez and Joe McAdam join Hank for some some springtime fun on the podcast.

Walker stories, well dogs, do fish grow to the size of the tank? Hank explains, stories from the Oakwood, people's perceptions of standup comedy, heckler moments, Joe and his fiancee have a bad day, emotions of dreams, hotel vomiting, hors d'oeuvres? more like more d'oeuvres!, fat chicks in party hats, butt plug design, Ricky gets into SNUBFest, The Adventures of a Private Dick Named Me, Late Live Show, Ricky went nerd-watching at C2E2, interviewing dumb high school kids, the first time Hank found pleasure in his peepee, gangbangs are community events, Hank does a 5K maybe, getting old: video games or cigarettes?, politician fists, a message for JK Rowling, and more. More more more!

out of context quotes:

"Tiny foods are very deceptive."

"Hornswaggle's pretty sweet."

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Episode 039 - Monte LaMonte

Actor and comedian Monte LaMonte joins Hank and Jeff on the podcast.


Really fun show! Monte’s been performing in Chicago a long time, Monte’s role in Road to Perdition with Jude Law, celebrity bridge burning, how residuals work in commercial acting, the story of Monte’s US Cellular commercial and the aftermath, Jeff’s gross tongue, a beef with Bill Cruz at poker, Monte’s first crush goes downs, Controversy at D&D: a Treasure Chest of Drama: Nerds Being Babies: the Truth Behind the Dungeon, caring is NOT sharing, Essay Fiesta, a drunk couple across the street wets a few knuckles, prostitutes: their roles in our lives and cameras, prostitute prices in Amsterdam, Monte may or may not get back into stand up, Renaissance Fair orgies, wife luck, Monte’s food blog and show, Monte was on an episode of Check Please. And gallons more!

out of context quote:


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Episode 038 - Megan Gailey

Comedian Megan Gailey joins Joe and Hank on the podcast.

Our experiences touching fake boobs, is ping pong for poor people?, the Castrati, pornsurfing and how nice the house in porn are, Megan has a thing for people who have a thing for balloons, First Encounters of the Megan Kind, Megan's origins: escaping the clam, reality shows, marrying drivers and other reasons to attend a car race, Joe's upcoming high school reunion, a jet ski explosion, glitter hitler stache, 31/m/chicago cyber?, crypt-keeper tales, Keanu Reeves, drunken Indian stories in Canada, building up a full charge, it's scary getting scared, YFF had a show, Megan doesn't hover and she's peed into a urinal, fashion in the hoodie, Joe reads fan mail defending dickfarter, being single as a performer

out of context quote:

"Hatred is the easy part of being human."

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