Winners and Losers Show/Perfect Union

Red Bar Radio's Mike David joins Hank and Kenny DeForest on the podcast.

HUGE EPISODE. Mike David talks with us about his experience podcasting over the last 9 years and running a successful comedy club in Chicago. We had a great conversation and covered a lot of ground, TONS of great topics for comedy and podcasting fans, also another round of the famous "DALAI LAMA or PORNSTAR?" 2.5 hours of fun!

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Episode 018 - Little Esther

Comedian Esther Povitsky joins Jeff and Hank on the podcast.

Esther's dad is magical, twitter, hand-modeling tiny hands, being Little and being little, the Naughty Show, another round of DALAI LAMA or PORNSTAR (with bonus round), Hank defends bitchy hot chicks, Esther's decision to move to LA to pursue comedy, griffons aren't phoenixes, the LA comedy scene, counting sets, Esther on the Adam Carolla Show, Lada Ga who?, Joe Rogan report: awesome podcast, even awesomer guy, sexy sexy sarlacc, telling people you do comedy is a bad idea cause they're idiots, being a comedienne

out of context quote:

"Those hands would make a candy cane look huge!"


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Episode 017 - Jack Calhoun

Comedian Jack Calhoun joins Jeff and Hank on the podcast.

Jeff's anatomy, t-shirts for fats, Jack goes on TV as a fitness guy, Loft on Lincoln is a great and legal open mic, roofs and their effect on panties, Chicago's southern suburbs, wheelchair etiquette, Jack's apartment is huge and filled with crazy, crab names, Weeds open mic is comedy holocaust, Speak Easy is a comedy show that isnt zany, getting booked, bad shows, fliering is terrible, the timing of moving to LA or NY, adult swimming. AND MORE!

out of context quotes:

"Women like honesty. It's the only thing you need to remember to fake."

"How do fish know they like worms?"

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Episode 015 - CJ Toledano

Comedian CJ Toledano joins Hank and Joe on the podcast.

CJ Toblerone is moving to LA to work for the Conan O'Brien show, Luke Russert steals jobs from minorities, Kenny DeForest, what the fuck does a script intern do, generic cigarettes, the genius of Gallagher, the Late Live Show, Hank reveals exclusive details of the next season of Sons of Anarchy, A NEW SEGMENT: Dalai Lama or Pornstar?, Hank does a heartfelt tribute to the late Ron Santo, Kenny DeForest, the movie BIG mislead children, CJ was a footballer and a filipino fashion man, the writing process for the Late Live Show, Hank explains how candles work. And more Kenny Deforest.

Note from Hank: Depending on how you listen to this, one of the voices may be slightly louder than the other two. If this bothers you, I'm sorry. If it doesn't, then thanks for listening. I'm probably over-analyzing what may or may not be a problem but my intention is to bring you the highest possible sound quality. The only problem is I don't know what I'm doing. But I'm learning. And I won't repeat mistakes. Also, you're damn good looking. Yeah, you. Right now. You're hot, whoever you are! Don't change a thing. Love ya!

out of context quotes:

"I know how to lick things, Hank!"

"Being fat is a disease of the mouth."

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Episode 014 - Ricky Carmona

Comedian Ricky Carmona joins Hank and Simmons on the podcast.

name confusion is confusing, growing up in Chicago, Harry Potter is for winners, Simmons tells a hilarious, terrifying and embarrassing story, Liver Failure, when dad's attack open mics, STD-testing on iPhones maybe, microphone technique takes practice, Hank gives advice to new comics because he is one, Simmons is done McDaviding himself, hip hop schmip hop, long sets vs short sets, SEGMENT: Simmons McDavid Reads a Pornstar's Blog, believing in Evil and other dumb questions, Star Trek: Voyager vs Next Generation vs Ricardo Montalban's Chest, Walking Dead has no brains, we all support women's empowerment, Hank and Ricky are titans of twitter and witans of witstream. AND MORE!

out of context quote:

"When did women stop being dames?"

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Episode 013 - Walking Dead Special

In this special edition of the Winners and Losers Show, Hank and Jeff Steinbrunner take on AMC's recent hit TV show, The Walking Dead.

SPOILER ALERT: We discuss the show in great detail so if you want to avoid spoilers do not listen to this episode. We only spoil up through episode 4 so go watch and then listen to this.

You don't have to be a fan of the Walking Dead to enjoy this show. In fact, you don't even have to know a single thing about it. As long as you have a brain and are a somewhat thinking person you'll find it worth your time.


out of context quote:





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Episode 012 - Derek Smith

Comedian Derek Smith joins Lane and Hank on the podcast.

the boys and their soft supple body hair, ROUS's are NOT a total myth, Columbo reads cosmopolitan, Derek adorably takes medicine not meds, getting diagnosed for ADD is harder than it should be, we spoil the plot of Old Yeller, Hank explains cd's, Lane's exciting pizza week, Derek started comedy in Oklahoma City, Derek makes money lubing up old people's feet, nursing homes should be outlawed, The Falsetto's, Derek does a podcast that doesn't suck.

out of context quote:

"This is why it's fucking genius... You don't need a doctor's note for diarrhea."

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Episode 011 - Bill Cruz

Comedian Bill Cruz joins Hank and Joe McAdam on the podcast.

Joe gets mauled by a pack of teens, measuring fat on kids, who/why/when Bill, Bill is certified gay, his origins in acting and comedy, everybody needs a gay neighbor, The Diary of Alf Frank, Bears not Bears, the true meaning of patriotism, Hank wrote a play starring Joe and Bill (A new feature on the show), cults and religions, Brigham Young is to Joseph Smith as Robin is to..., Lane Pieschel gets his just desserts, Hank and friends have a short film at the Pizza Film Fest, auditioning for Spike TV, Joe took a shit on a golf course and other lies, and more!

out of context quote:

"I dance a lot for a guy that hates dancing." (come out Tuesday, November 16th at the Hungry Brain, 2319 W Belmont, Chicago)

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Episode 010 - Drew Frees

Comedian Drew Frees joins Hank and Jeff on the podcast.

Waking up is hard to do, Hank offends Muslims, drunken texts, Trey Mowder is outer, man breaks a drum set with his head, Please Enjoy Yourself closes, Tamales! Tamales!, Comedy Club on State is heaven without all the dead people, Peyton Manning makes a great tshirt, comedy origins, Drew is married to a comedian's wife, everybody deserves love except fats, we come out in support of breastfeeding and against people giving jokes to comedians, Jeff makes Hank sing, much more. Much.

find us at:

out of context quote:

"It seemed like it made sense for me to shower until I heard the gasps of the Muslims."



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Episode 009 - Will Miles

Comedian Will Miles joins Hank and Jeff on the podcast.

Spooks, ghosts and goblins, Jeff's Halloween costumes, AILF, Black Galifianakas does a lot of banging, one of us grew up in Boystown (hint: not Jeff or Hank), hip hop nerds (hint: not Hank), Hank reads Esquire magazine, Also: FUCK ESQUIRE MAGAZINE, we settle the age old question: Tits or Ass?, FACTCHECK: Cillian Murphy & Mark Twain, Hank big digs into Boston, Will tells us about his career as a brother of a brother, Will started high in comedy, and lots more, tons of good healing racist fun!

out of context quote:

"Very few people think about their taxes while getting blown."


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Episode 008 - Jeff Steinbrunner

Comedian Jeff Steinbrunner joins Hank and co-host Lane on the podcast.

Brunner vs brenner, divorce is a good thing, sexy black mannequins, what it's like having a sister, horse carriages, body fluids and solids are surprisingly warm, Lane tells the Starbucks story, Jeff does door duty at Marvel comics not really, horse carriages?, douchey dudes and chick fights, baptism gone wild, Hank and Jeff geek out over Inception, Justin Fuckin' Timberlake!, FACT CHECK: flannel vs plaid, ancients be trippin' over honey, horse carriages??, Iron Chef gets the business, horse carriages!! and tons more.

out of context quotes:

"When you're in the 4th grade, that's when homophobia is at it's peak."

"You guys are throwing out a lot of Ron Perlman vehicles."




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Episode 007 - Tony Blanco

Comedian Tony Blanco joins Hank and Simmons on the podcast

Jersey shore, the difference between cajun and creole, vietnam, food and cultural rape, theatre assholes, Tony was house MC at Lakeshore Theatre, Robin Williams is a smoocher, Jim Jeffries introduced Tony to his boys, how attraction works in the animal kingdom and the power of training, mine safety (not mind safety), politics are so fun to talk about except when they're not, and lots lots more.

out of context quote:

"In the way that Hank describes whores, I'm a whore."

Follow Tony on twitter:

Hank's twitter:

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Episode 006 - Sam Norton

Comedian Sam Norton joins Hank and Simmons on the podcast.

fashion during the apocalypse, we are experts on the gays, the difference between plaid and flannel, Simmons wishes he wasn't a nerd, Barry White, WW2, should executions be televised?, souls, Sam tells a very scary ghost story, Catfish (the movie, not the delicious snack), peeholes are not playthings, caving, Hank tells a very scary squirrel-peeing-on-him story, death penalty, uncomfortable interview, lots more!

out of context quote:

"So he goes and gets himself lost on purpose and drinks his own piss?"

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Episode 005 - Mike Joyce

Comedian Mike Joyce joins and Hank and Simmons on the podcast.

Bootleg Comedy is back, the death of Greg Giraldo, Hank tells a boring story about losing his keys, comedy & girlfriends, leaving Chicago, Schubas, Coles, NEW SEGMENT: Simmons Reads a Pornstar Blog or Twitter, committing to act outs, segway guy dies in segway accident, Hank recalls encountering cockroaches at a restaurant in Elgin, a new holocaust joke!, Hank wasn't funny at all during this episode.

out of context quote:

"I want to call you, 'Hank 'boring key story' Thompson'."

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Episode 004 - Ricky Gonzalez

Comedian Ricky Gonzalez joins Hank and Simmons on the podcast.

Simmons has no phone and got into a fight maybe, the moon landing controversy is real, Oregon is filled with ugly people, Hank has fun with rubbers, Ricky played baseball despite being left-handed, writing classes, can you be too good looking to be a stand up?, bombing sucks, Ricky runs a show, Lane Pieschel is a piece of shit, summer is bad for comedy, FACT CHECK: sound holes, Hank and Ricky geek out over the Simpsons, and more.

out of context quote:

"You couldn't get your fucking face over the toilet?"

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Episode 003 - Joe McAdam, Ryan Walker

toilet vandalism, in-studio listener, a loved show shuts its doors maybe, Hank stands up to cancer, religion and guilt, scuba gear for worms, new sponsor: Powerade! (not Gatorade), The Town is better than Dinner for Schmucks, Joe writes for the Late Live Show, beer guitar, more seafood talk, pickles on craigslist, cigars are gross, first time on stage stories, horse hygiene and dentistry.

out of context quote:

"Do chickens have a cup size?"

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prosthetic testicles for Man and his best friend, Joe can't wait for Legends of the Guardian: The Owls of Ga'Hoole, the dangers of breastfeeding, we spoil the movie Moon, Joe's start in comedy, lasagna techniques, sponsors for the show: Fleshlight, Quaker Oats, Wilford Brimley, a new segment debuts, the joys of eating seafood.

out of context quote:

"No, I've never gone noodling. It's one of my things on the bucket list."

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Lane's grandma was a model, hilarious t-shirt ideas!, reacting to a bad set, Starbucks' customer racial mix, movies, Clint Eastwood loves to fuck, Simmons and Lane are both Southern hicks, censorship, it's dangerous being a Deadliest Catch cameraman.

out of context quote:

"Jodie Foster is the biggest piece of shit."

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