Winners and Losers Show/Perfect Union
Episode 008 - Jeff Steinbrunner

Comedian Jeff Steinbrunner joins Hank and co-host Lane on the podcast.

Brunner vs brenner, divorce is a good thing, sexy black mannequins, what it's like having a sister, horse carriages, body fluids and solids are surprisingly warm, Lane tells the Starbucks story, Jeff does door duty at Marvel comics not really, horse carriages?, douchey dudes and chick fights, baptism gone wild, Hank and Jeff geek out over Inception, Justin Fuckin' Timberlake!, FACT CHECK: flannel vs plaid, ancients be trippin' over honey, horse carriages??, Iron Chef gets the business, horse carriages!! and tons more.

out of context quotes:

"When you're in the 4th grade, that's when homophobia is at it's peak."

"You guys are throwing out a lot of Ron Perlman vehicles."




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Episode 007 - Tony Blanco

Comedian Tony Blanco joins Hank and Simmons on the podcast

Jersey shore, the difference between cajun and creole, vietnam, food and cultural rape, theatre assholes, Tony was house MC at Lakeshore Theatre, Robin Williams is a smoocher, Jim Jeffries introduced Tony to his boys, how attraction works in the animal kingdom and the power of training, mine safety (not mind safety), politics are so fun to talk about except when they're not, and lots lots more.

out of context quote:

"In the way that Hank describes whores, I'm a whore."

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Episode 006 - Sam Norton

Comedian Sam Norton joins Hank and Simmons on the podcast.

fashion during the apocalypse, we are experts on the gays, the difference between plaid and flannel, Simmons wishes he wasn't a nerd, Barry White, WW2, should executions be televised?, souls, Sam tells a very scary ghost story, Catfish (the movie, not the delicious snack), peeholes are not playthings, caving, Hank tells a very scary squirrel-peeing-on-him story, death penalty, uncomfortable interview, lots more!

out of context quote:

"So he goes and gets himself lost on purpose and drinks his own piss?"

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Episode 005 - Mike Joyce

Comedian Mike Joyce joins and Hank and Simmons on the podcast.

Bootleg Comedy is back, the death of Greg Giraldo, Hank tells a boring story about losing his keys, comedy & girlfriends, leaving Chicago, Schubas, Coles, NEW SEGMENT: Simmons Reads a Pornstar Blog or Twitter, committing to act outs, segway guy dies in segway accident, Hank recalls encountering cockroaches at a restaurant in Elgin, a new holocaust joke!, Hank wasn't funny at all during this episode.

out of context quote:

"I want to call you, 'Hank 'boring key story' Thompson'."

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