Winners and Losers Show
Episode 110 - Filmtime Funfest & Oscar Predictacular with Stephen Markley

Author and Red Eye columnist Stephen Markley returns to the podcast to talk movies, movies, movies! Jeff Steinbrunner co-hosts this rip-roaring, butt-kicking, tube-squeezing episode of awesome. After talking about the big films in 2012 we discuss upcoming films in 2013 and then we apply our expertise to perfectly predict who will win the Oscars. If you like movies, this is the podcast for you! If you don't like movies, what's wrong with you weirdo?

out of context quotes:

"We should not beat off Lincoln."

"Oh, same guy. Same guy. Gerbil up the butt. All the same dude."


Get Stephen's first book, Publish This Book on Amazon. Red Eye columns. Twitter: @StephenMarkley

Jeff's Twitter: @JSteinbrunner

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