Winners and Losers Show
Episode 059 - Timmy Brochu

Comedian and podcaster Timothy "Timmy" Brochu joins Hank and Joe on the podcast to discuss Hank's sunburnt arms because of stupidity, albino gorillas, where Timmy's from and other cliches, a randy deer skeleton prank, killing animal stories, Timmy's start in Maine/Boston and his journey to Chicago, when good booking goes bad, Joe fills us in on the cancellation of the hit show the Late Live Show, Dumbbell's from wound, Timmy's "marriage" and how he met his mother-in-law, and Joe's marriage.

out of context quotes:

"Women are f*cking different than men. Can we talk about that?"

"F*ck sleeves!"

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Episode 058 - Kenny DeForest & Joe Fernandez

Comedians Kenny DeForest and Joe Fernandez on the podcast for a discussion about Joe's podcast goal, eye contact at comedy shows, a recap of Kenny's show that Hank did in Missouri and all the crazy shit Joe has seen lately. Plus another revealing round of ROMANTIC FANTASIES. Also a bunch of talk about funerals and conspiracies or some shit. Check it out!

out of context quote:

"You did it! That was it!"

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