Winners and Losers Show
Episode 076 - #WithMyDick with Mike Lebovitz

Comedian and Twitter God Mike Lebovitz (@MikeLebovitz) joins Hank and Kenny on the podcast #withmydick to discuss the hashtag that swept the country (of Chicago) and the joy it brought to trillions of people. Other topics include women's facesKenny performs with and is inspired by Nikki Glazer, when poo becomes food. Museum of science and industry, a flask causes fleeing, how Mike got his start doing stand up, corporate restrictions on comedy shows, working clean and/or offensive, Hank's epic Larry the Cable Guy Joke and overcoming barriers. Oh, and butt tampons come up a lot. Please listen to this #withyourdick

Out-of-context quote:

"Woah, there's another nerd on the Internet? That's weird."

"Give us another thought you're having about something"
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