Winners and Losers Show
Episode 037 - Simmons McDavid & Mike Joyce

Comedians Simmons McDavid and Mike Joyce join Hank on the podcast

Mike runs an open mic called Rathskellar, we find out what the hell that is, not Wilford Brimley, tumblr porn, female anatomy, diaries, sinks and butts, performing in front of people you know is... you know..., are comics good at speeches?, Churchill quotes, SCIENCE CORNER with Hank: fat monkeys, Simmons the wizard, running a show talk: an insider's view, Joyce describes how Bootleg Comedy died, Phantom of the Club Owner, Laugh Factory Talk, Zanies and what is clean, should you be drunk during headshots, Joyce finds a relic from the old pizza film days, South Park for the win, quitting drinking, duck hunt, video games vs productivity, damn the HAM, last time we cried, and more! (lots more!)

out of context quote:

"No one can do it but me; I'm like the Biff of that."

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Episode 036 - Matt Ruby

New York-based comedian Matt Ruby joins Hank and Joe M on the podcast.

Matt blogs at, new guys!, we shake our heads at handshaking, We're All Friends Here podcast, NY and Chicago- Matt has scene 'em both, soap sliver solutions and Matt's relationship with his father, truth and funnyness, Joe encounters an old man who seems to like him, laid because of comedy maybe?, naming a show, Jewish foodish, break up talk, Hank gives advice to Matt and Joe on the overwhelming terribleness that is going bald, rats love lady cave-holes, Hank fights an Irish Possum, NY stand up comedy rooms, what Matt learned on his trip to Vietnam, Jews: not really into hunting, dizziness is the ultimate gateway drug. And more!

out of context quote:

"This gefilte fish thing, though, this trend has got to go."

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Comedians Joe Fernandez and Lane 3.14schel help Hank bring things full circle on the podcast.

Lane's hair is its own product, Irish Day and Hank's hatred for stickers, Joe tells a shocking sticker shock story, sandwich sandwhat?, Diane Lane is hot and other women who made it onto a list, hilarious printer story, COBY not SONY, 3.14 song, why people think heckling is okay, Hank's thighs are so sore..., secrets of the inner thigh, technology, Joe's teen improv was a real creepfest not really, wrong way to sext, timid finishing moves, the origins of Dickfarter and Moby Dick.

out of context quotes:

"Who heckles at a book reading?"

"I wouldn't want to chip my tooth on a toe ring."


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Episode 034 - John Roy

Comedian John Roy joins Hank and Jeff on the podcast.

John helps Hank find a new level of failure, developing a set for late night television, CARMONA!!!, club sets, worst open mic in the world, impressions are impressive, Roy's favorite place's to play, stagehaps and mishaps, John Fox was a fox, John tells about life on The Road, pre-show thought process, being grately, people respect comedians way too much!, public speaking fear, John went to Loyola, deleted comics, when to quit? assassin passion, pizza break!, the worst bouncer at the worst bar (Hye Bar), does a comic going on morning radio help move tickets?, the weapons of DOOM, and more.

out of context quote:

"Our listeners should watch that instead of listening to this"


John Roy's website

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Episode 033 - Kenny DeForest

Comedian Kenny DeForest joins Hank and Jeff on the podcast.

Epic show! Drury is a college, red box? more like shit box, Hank invents a new sex position, Kenny's comedy start, noodling, shows in Missouri, Four Loko is mooey loco, measuring time in sets or time, baldness and other hilarious disabilities, another gift?, the what what on comedic confidence, Hank tells of his visit to Narnia, first time on stage, Religion: what's the deal?, another canister of Four Loko, 9/11 arguments, Falling asleep ain't easy for brains, why do women have to be so womenly, mannequins, IO experience, world without women, comic book talk blah blah blah, where we wanna be in 5 years, and a lot of drunken but interesting and hilarious talk about comedy. 2.5 hours. Don't miss a single second!

out of context quotes:

"I would think that having aligators coming after you while you're in quicksand is kinda dangerous."

"The most important thing is, clearly, no one in this room is educated enough on this topic to make any comment on it."

"You're the tallest podcaster in Chicago."

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Episode 032 - Brandon Wetherbee

Talk show host and podcaster Brandon Wetherbee joins Hank and Jeff on the podcast.

Brandon runs You Me Them Everybody, his recent move to DC and life there, rubberband cheek wrestler guy?, being hot makes it okay to destroy science, politics personality types, mics Hank lics, Coles is great, Bathroom Divas, stand up don't get no respect, music awareness, no show notes? fo sho, interviewing musicians, Funny People, Brandon went to Catholic school with the sluts, podcast plans and the shame of ambition, Jeff's encounters with the Amish, rubberband guy solve: Captain Lou Albano!, nipsters, talk show talk, a Gervais disagreement, and lots lots lots lots more.

out of context quote:

"Do you guys have family that's older than you?"

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