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First recording goofed; this is the 2nd attempt (so it's shorter than usual, which is probably good news.) In this ep, Hank rambles about recent upticks in the nightmare factory that is America. Lots of the hits in this one: brutal society, individualism, childhood trauma, capitalism, Hank's inquiry into his own mental conditions and swearing!


Recorded 6.28.22

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(Note: opinions subject to being forgotten)

Winners and Losers started in 2010. Hosted by Hank Thompson, a comedian, writer, animator, video editor, woodworker, filmmaker and late-identified autistic with experience in progressive media (The Young Turks, The Jimmy Dore Show). Its early years center on the Chicago stand up scene but it has evolved into an show about capitalism, anticapitalism, leftist analysis, news commentary, culture, baldness as well as conversations with fun, interesting people. Stop losing and start listening! Today!

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