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A Mormon show on Hulu converts Hank and we watch Joe Biden's appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show (19:52) in which he proves over and over why he's the worst person for the job. Highlights include defending Mitch McConnell, pointing to biracial commercials as a sign of progress and overall being an out-of-touch figurehead for a sclerotic gerontocracy racing towards fascism and collapse. Plus the usual rambling about how capitalism sucks.
Recorded 06.14.22

Note: opinions subject to being forgotten.
Biden on Kimmel | Jun 8 2022
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Winners and Losers started in 2010. Hosted by Hank Thompson, a comedian, writer, animator, video editor, woodworker and filmmaker with experience in progressive media (The Young Turks, The Jimmy Dore Show). Its early years center on the Chicago stand up scene but it has evolved into an show about capitalism, anticapitalism, leftist analysis, news commentary, culture and baldness as well as conversations with fun, interesting people. Stop losing and start listening! Today!
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