Winners and Losers Show
Episode 036 - Matt Ruby

New York-based comedian Matt Ruby joins Hank and Joe M on the podcast.

Matt blogs at, new guys!, we shake our heads at handshaking, We're All Friends Here podcast, NY and Chicago- Matt has scene 'em both, soap sliver solutions and Matt's relationship with his father, truth and funnyness, Joe encounters an old man who seems to like him, laid because of comedy maybe?, naming a show, Jewish foodish, break up talk, Hank gives advice to Matt and Joe on the overwhelming terribleness that is going bald, rats love lady cave-holes, Hank fights an Irish Possum, NY stand up comedy rooms, what Matt learned on his trip to Vietnam, Jews: not really into hunting, dizziness is the ultimate gateway drug. And more!

out of context quote:

"This gefilte fish thing, though, this trend has got to go."

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