Winners and Losers Show/Perfect Union
Winners and Losers is back! It's relaunching with a new focus: News, Politics & Interviews and takes hot, cold and just right. 
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Recorded 9.15.2018 — in this ep:
Hank explains where's he's been, where he is, how he got there & plans for the show.
Fun stories from Hank's time at The Young Turks and the Jimmy Dore Show.
Broad strokes of Hank's political perspective & some of the core problems facing the America and the world.
John McCain's funeral, a myth-making performance for the ruling class & Wikipedia surprises.
Porno Lawyerism 
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The Winners and Losers Show is progressive politics done wrong. Comedian Hank Thompson covers the ups and downs of modern life, from why everything's terrible to how everything's terrible to how to make everything slightly less terrible. Hank is a comedian, writer and animator with experience in progressive media (The Young Turks, The Jimmy Dore Show). Stop losing and start listening! Today!
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