Winners and Losers Show/Perfect Union

Happy Fuggin' Holidays, Everybody! Comedians Matty Ryan (@Matty_Ryan) and Kevin Lee (@CaptchaArtist) join Hank on the podcast. Matty recently spent 2 or 3 months in Vietnam/Cambodia/Laos and Kevin recently moved to LA. Hear us talk about the beds and toilets in Asia, Matty sleeps with a Cambodian man, crazy ass rat stories, creepy sex tourists, Kevin attended a Conan taping, SEGMENT: SET LIST POETRY, voicemails from Hank's dad with joke suggestions, Joe Piscapo, cougar bars, eye contact with pets during sex, a truly horrific restaurant in Asia and eating a still-beating cobra heart. Very fun show. We laughed. You will too.

out of context quotes:

"And I'm almost fat enough to have a third strike against me."

"My turds are walking!"

Thank you for your listenership. 2011 was a great year and 2012 will also be great. Great great great.

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