Winners and Losers Show
Episode 045 - Gnatatouille

Comedians Kenny DeForest, Joe McAdam and Hank Thompson do a podcast.

Drunk tweettinnbng, comedian apartment, comedy club climbing, Kenny update, Benny Hill, stink lines, comedy and drinking and the burden of adulthood, free time and day jobs, Evernote, Hank gets ticked off, Gnatatouille, Macho Man pinned forever by death, a very sad nursing home story, compression of morbidity, Joe's worries about cloning, Hank's butt policy, a big tornado kills a bunch of people, audience expectations, comedy and music, Hank's encounters a new nemesis: an intelligent little girl, Apocalypse Hoboken's snappy joke, vegetable-eating tips, FACT CHECK: baldness amongst the races, skin-whitening in India, egg toofs, and more and more for your ears.

out of context quotes:

"What am I? Not a citizen of Rome?"

"Why am I doing this? This is terrible podcasting."

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