Winners and Losers Show/Perfect Union
Episode 044 - Charlie Bury

Comedian and guy Charlie Bury joins Hank and Jeff on the podcast.

Diesel and the Goose and stupid sports radio, Hank the Attack Dog and Jeff the Snoose Packet, Women and Dwarves, Getting the Swagger out: the true crime story: Sundays ARE a thang, Cotter Smith and the Nightcrawler, jovial, an accolade keeps the Charlie away, Hank was Edmund again, Turkish Delight, podcast mania, fat jokes, tit-pinching, Hank stitches together a new joke, audio from the pepper spray incident at Will's North Woods Inn open mic, Hunter Bragadochio host DALAI LAMA OR PORNSTAR!, grooming habits and shower talk, Game of Thrones, Jeff reckons improv is alright.

out of context quotes:

"Theater people are fucking bizarre."

"Where do you go where you see elderly Samoans?"

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