Winners and Losers Show/Perfect Union
Episode 042 - Joe Kwaczala

Comedian Joe Kwaczala joins Hank and Joe on the podcast.

A fun night makes for a bad day, swollen uvula, the f*ck saw guy was on the Late Live Show, too big to bath, live sex demonstration at Northwestern makes national headlines, Hank's id finds it's way home, upside down baby, Joe comes from Pittsburg and Catholics, Notre Dame, M Night Shyamalan gets the business, anime, Hank does a new impression, critical thinking and the bible, church boredom, was Jesus a virgin?, ribs make you sleepy, Joe majored in studio art whatever that is, first-timer friend follies, Joe finds an old banana in his sportcoat, fruits Joe hasn't eaten, My Kid Could Paint That, Hank's Dad Could Paint That, the absurdity of tradition.

out of context quotes:

"Every backyard has hostas."

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