Winners and Losers Show/Perfect Union
Episode 040 - Springtime Fun with Ricky Gonzalez and Joe McAdam

Comedians Ricky Gonzalez and Joe McAdam join Hank for some some springtime fun on the podcast.

Walker stories, well dogs, do fish grow to the size of the tank? Hank explains, stories from the Oakwood, people's perceptions of standup comedy, heckler moments, Joe and his fiancee have a bad day, emotions of dreams, hotel vomiting, hors d'oeuvres? more like more d'oeuvres!, fat chicks in party hats, butt plug design, Ricky gets into SNUBFest, The Adventures of a Private Dick Named Me, Late Live Show, Ricky went nerd-watching at C2E2, interviewing dumb high school kids, the first time Hank found pleasure in his peepee, gangbangs are community events, Hank does a 5K maybe, getting old: video games or cigarettes?, politician fists, a message for JK Rowling, and more. More more more!

out of context quotes:

"Tiny foods are very deceptive."

"Hornswaggle's pretty sweet."

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