Winners and Losers Show/Perfect Union
Episode 038 - Megan Gailey

Comedian Megan Gailey joins Joe and Hank on the podcast.

Our experiences touching fake boobs, is ping pong for poor people?, the Castrati, pornsurfing and how nice the house in porn are, Megan has a thing for people who have a thing for balloons, First Encounters of the Megan Kind, Megan's origins: escaping the clam, reality shows, marrying drivers and other reasons to attend a car race, Joe's upcoming high school reunion, a jet ski explosion, glitter hitler stache, 31/m/chicago cyber?, crypt-keeper tales, Keanu Reeves, drunken Indian stories in Canada, building up a full charge, it's scary getting scared, YFF had a show, Megan doesn't hover and she's peed into a urinal, fashion in the hoodie, Joe reads fan mail defending dickfarter, being single as a performer

out of context quote:

"Hatred is the easy part of being human."

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