Winners and Losers Show
Episode 037 - Simmons McDavid & Mike Joyce

Comedians Simmons McDavid and Mike Joyce join Hank on the podcast

Mike runs an open mic called Rathskellar, we find out what the hell that is, not Wilford Brimley, tumblr porn, female anatomy, diaries, sinks and butts, performing in front of people you know is... you know..., are comics good at speeches?, Churchill quotes, SCIENCE CORNER with Hank: fat monkeys, Simmons the wizard, running a show talk: an insider's view, Joyce describes how Bootleg Comedy died, Phantom of the Club Owner, Laugh Factory Talk, Zanies and what is clean, should you be drunk during headshots, Joyce finds a relic from the old pizza film days, South Park for the win, quitting drinking, duck hunt, video games vs productivity, damn the HAM, last time we cried, and more! (lots more!)

out of context quote:

"No one can do it but me; I'm like the Biff of that."

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