Winners and Losers Show

Comedians Joe Fernandez and Lane 3.14schel help Hank bring things full circle on the podcast.

Lane's hair is its own product, Irish Day and Hank's hatred for stickers, Joe tells a shocking sticker shock story, sandwich sandwhat?, Diane Lane is hot and other women who made it onto a list, hilarious printer story, COBY not SONY, 3.14 song, why people think heckling is okay, Hank's thighs are so sore..., secrets of the inner thigh, technology, Joe's teen improv was a real creepfest not really, wrong way to sext, timid finishing moves, the origins of Dickfarter and Moby Dick.

out of context quotes:

"Who heckles at a book reading?"

"I wouldn't want to chip my tooth on a toe ring."


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