Winners and Losers Show/Perfect Union
Episode 030 - SnowCast-A-Thon 2000 - Part 5 - Liza Treyger, Kenny DeForest

Comedians Liza Treyger and Kenny DeForest join Hank on a special Winners and Losers Podcast.

This is part 5 of the SnowCast-A-Thon 2000. Making their second appearance on the SnowCast are Liza Treyger and Kenny DeForest, adding their unique and funny perspectives between the hours of 3am and 5am. We chat about everything, which is shorthand for saying Hank doesn't have time to listen to the entire 2 hours right now. Whatever we talk about it you can bet it's drunken, hilarious and unprofessional. This is hours 7 or 8 or 9 or something of the SnowCast. Enjoy.