Winners and Losers Show/Perfect Union
Episode 029 - SnowCast-A-Thon 2000 - Part 4 - Jeff Steinbrunner, Brendan McGowan

Comedians Jeff Steinbrunner and Brendan McGowan join Hank on a special Winners and Losers Podcast.

This is part 4 of the SnowCast-A-Thon 2000. Brendan McGowan steps in for his second shift during the marathon and we welcome Jeff Steinbrunner to the mic. After we spend way too much time arguing about whether or not logic is a good thing we shotgun beers. Tons of other hilarious shit. This is hour 6 or 7 or whatever of the SnowCast-A-Thon. All of us are tall. Listen to it now!