Winners and Losers Show/Perfect Union
Episode 025 - Clark Jones

Comedian Clark Jones joins Joe McAdam and Hank on the podcast.

headphone-y, Clark's voice on, updates from the Lodge, crowd ethnicity: laughter doesn't have a color (sometimes), pizza's inventors, Zanies, east or west? North!, Clark tweets a mean tweet, Clark was dramatically economical at college, when a comedian becomes a comedian?, Joe brings a bottle of champagne, plussy pleating is for playas, Bernie Mac ain't afraid, a shocking fact about the Tonight Show, defense mechanisms are funny things, The Clark De Triomphe and other amazing puns, comedy talk, white popes be molesting, heaven talk, puppy mills: for or against?, Joe's marriage is blessed or is it?, no time to hate, AND LOTS LOTS MORE:

out of context quote:

"I mean, that's not skinny for a throat."

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