Winners and Losers Show/Perfect Union
Episode 022 - Lauren Vino

Comedian Lauren Vino joins Jeff and Hank on the podcast.

bathing is for babies and Hank, Lauren's job is more than watching people pee, it's also a cutting above the rest, flacid wee-wees, FACT CHECK: Chinchillas!, fur coats, Vino is your pal, board game sex appeal, dating advice, crying in public, godless and god-ish comedians, Lauren's first few sets, first year doing stand up comedy, mormon makeout, another exciting round of DALAI LAMA OR PORNSTAR, what we love and hate about porno, the ins and outs of porn, does laughter belong in bed?, whiskey dickheads, Super Meat Boy, crying at movies, etc.

out of context quote:

"The biggest inhibitor to getting f*cked on the first date is showing the person who you are."

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