Winners and Losers Show/Perfect Union
Episode 021 - Mikey Manker

Comedian Mikey Manker joins Joe and Hank on the podcast.

Mikey's decision to leave Chicago, WW2 history comes alive at the Golden Gate Bridge, Futons, kleenex's and other things Mikey did while in San Francisco, Chinchilla coats actually exist, shotguns and gun talk, Cheesecake Factory is different in Cali, living the pringles lifestyle under the eyes of a vegan, cereal, Mikey's first set in SF and the open mic scene there, screwed up families are good for comedy, buried or cremated: is there a third choice?, Mikey gives Joe a heartpelt gift, Dinner for Sucks, horse weiner health, Oscar predictions not really, Panera, Golden Girls had the wrong name, shots fired at the Lincoln Lodge. AND MORE MORE MORE!

out of context quote:

"Nobody makes bird-related clothes."

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