Winners and Losers Show/Perfect Union
Episode 020 - Kristy Mangel and Michelle Peterson

RE:COM Magazine's Kristy Mangel and Michelle Peterson join Hank on the podcast.

sick show, all kinds of parties, shaving talk, asthma meds cause yeast infection, stomach escape strategies, plot of Deep Throat & vintage porn, Social Media is Neatia, wistreaming, dead birds story is capturing the imagination of a generation, no 'Dojo' quota, Marc Maron photos well and talks better, Bill Cruz wrote a list of comedians he'd like to damage for life, Natalie Klein or Patsy Jose?, words can be BIG and LONG, storytellers are... what's that word?, peepee and vava talk, Steve Martin ruins snobs' night, AND MORE. LOTS MORE

out of context quote:

"What ethnicity do you think Santa's maid is?"

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