Winners and Losers Show/Perfect Union
Episode 043 - Ben Bergman

Comedian Ben Bergman joins Hank and Joe Fernandez on the podcast.

jam causers, getting to know Bergman, Indian chick schtick, swimming, a straw of water almost gets Joe punched in the face by Hank, bullying, violence sucks, gypsy talk, killing your own food, Hank and his dad fight a muskrat, death penalty, assisted suicide, Jaws vs CGI, Ben puts Italians in the past, dating why? purpose of marriage, arguments for god, The Road, bad first date movies, cuddle snacks, Amerigo who?, where not to put hot sauce, the afterlife: what about it?, STORM by Tim Minchin, Catholics come home, celibacy? More like celispicy! Lots of discussion and tons of fun for your ears.

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