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Bianca Gisselle knew early she had a thing for music and after listening to this podcast so will you. The singer/songwriter brings her talents to the show for a fun and silly discussion about music, music life, life outside music, and handling old creeps at the grocery store. We even solve the mystery of mom jeans. Plus, a Winners & Losers First! Bianca performs the song, Smiling Under My Umbrella, live! Get your dancing pants on, motherfuckers! 
In this podcast: When she started in music, eunuchs are unique, having it or not having it, where songs come from, a live performance of her latest song, get your music out there, how the music world works, furry boots and other awesome fashion, mom jeans deconstructed, Shakira, Bianca's brush with a creep exposes the sad truth about creepdom, and more!
Bianca on Twitter: @BiancaGisselle | website:
Kelly on Twitter: @KellyHuddleston
Hank on Twitter: @Hank_Thompson
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Marina Shifrin quit her job in the best way possible: publicly, and while dancing. Her video, "An Interpretive Dance For My Boss Set To Kanye West's Gone" received 15 million views in under two weeks, vaulting her to global Internet stardom and earned her appearances on the Today Show, The Queen Latifah Show and other outlets. Here the comedian-writer shares the inside story of how the video came to be, what it's like being at the center of an Internet maelstrom and about the next stage of her post-viral life. Her immense talent has taken her to great places and now its taken her to the immensest place of all: The Winners and Losers Show. 

In this podcast: one of the largest viral videos of 2013, writing for the internet, broken hearts and bruised egos, living in Taiwan, Next Media Animation, the difference between managers and agents, the big bad YouTube world, being a offered a job on-air by Queen Latifah, the cool coolness of Carson Daly, the boundaries of bosses, living in LA, Hank's moment of sad horrific irony, and so much more!

Marina on Twitter: @MarinaVsTweets | website:

Kelly on Twitter: @KellyHuddleston

Hank on Twitter: @Hank_Thompson


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Jake Head earned his Boston accent the hard way: by growing up there. Co-starring with Kelly in the hit play, The Foreigner, Jake has had numerous roles, and now he has the role of a lifetime: Winners & Losers Show guest. From voiceover to TV to film, he shares many of his experiences as an actor. Be as charmed as we were. You have yourah ordahs!

In this podcast: why concussions are good for acting, being in a play, do you get an erection in a sex scene?, Ron Jeremy's first non-porn role, Kelly duct-taped her boobs for school, experimenting with sobriety and health, the meanings of success, Jake's sexy fans, Hank's rugby days, Jake worked on a movie lot a lot, "Thick Neck Guy Number One," stunt work, Hollywood is run by juicers, Hank's Hit New Play: Galaxy Diddler!, Jake's beautiful moment with a screaming woman on a plummeting airplane

Jake on Twitter: @JakeOHead

Kelly on Twitter: @KellyHuddleston

Hank on Twitter: @Hank_Thompson


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Chris Millhouse has big shoes to fill. Specifically, Kelly Huddleston's. She and her giant feet couldn't make it to the taping. Fortunately, the LA-based comedian is as easy to talk to as he is hilarious, which is VERY. Chris sat down for an in-depth conversation about stand up comedy. He shares some hard-won lessons learned as a comedian in Los Angeles, not just on-stage, but in the casting room. Be impressed by how well he tolerates Hank's inexplicable derailing of the the conversation.

in this podcast: Twitter snobbery, #Following Friday, @Midnight and what it means for comedy, getting that first TV credit & knowing talk show bookers, handling criticism, festivals, Chris's personal growth as a comedian over the years, his start in San Diego, gossip, the pain and gain of selling merch, the Follow-Through Curse, defending who you know, when Twitter success precedes stage success, and leaving the bullshit behind, plus so much more! 

Chris on Twitter: @ChrisMillhouse   |  Website:

Kelly on Twitter: @KellyHuddleston

Hank on Twitter: @Hank_Thompson


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Traci Stumpf is a stand up comedian, TV host, celebrity interviewer and driver of a super fun car. When not touring, she resides in LA where she makes her living being awesome on red carpets and TV studios. Spectacular hair is the least of her talents. She combines fast wit and even faster charm into the best kind of cocktail: funny. Her appearance on the Winners & Losers Show is only her latest triumph in Hollywood.

In this podcast: Fukishima radiation, life after hair school, moms on Facebook, professional red carpet interviews, dressing up in dresses, practice Oscar interviews, gifting suites aren't sweet (they're f*ckin' weird), backstage at the Oscars, Amanda Seyfried will hate this, the point of Stand Up, the emptiness of after-parties, Kelly stars in a play and why, career momentum and honest answers, flaccid craigslist peepees, House of Cards, Downton Abbey, Sherlock, True Detective, what do actor's actually make Traci's evil Twitter and more!

Traci on Twitter: @TraciStumpf  |  Website:

Kelly on Twitter: @KellyHuddleston

Hank on Twitter: @Hank_Thompson


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Ashley and Austin are experts on all things slippery, from sex to dating to breaking up to being wonderful podcast guests. Ashley is a drama therapist specializing in relationships, family dynamics, and sexual and chemical addictions. Austin is a sex and relationship coach. Together they run, a site devoted to sex-positive education and inspiration. If you've got genitals, then they're good people to know. 

In this podcast: how they met, online dating for females, biggest online dating mistakes guys make, dating trends, we each take a bite from an Edible Panties, coconut oil don'ts and don'ts, best toys for men, brazilian waxes and grooming, threesomes, cucumbers, the Fleshlight and other sex toys, their experience at the Adult Video News Awards, the evolution of marriage, when divorce wasn't cool, pick up artistry for beginners and pros, men and women scissoring, plus so much more! 

Ashley and Austin on Twitter: @askashleyaustin  |  Website:

Kelly on Twitter: @KellyHuddleston

Hank on Twitter: @Hank_Thompson


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Ken Barnard is more than just a man. He's also a nice man. Aside from giving Hank a roof to sleep under when he arrived in LA, Ken is an accomplished comedian, sketch performer, actor and chip and dip server. Get him in your heart now!

In this podcast: Ken shares some truly bizarre experiences he's had while working for Tosh.0 including a horse woman and the perils of hotel dentistry, when football on sundays gets weird, Ken Was A Badass Early, putting animals down ain't easy, Kelly's volunteer catsitting career almost takes off, jobless in LA is a special kind of jobless (lots of creeps), Facebook Rage Is All The Rage, pancakes aren't giraffe food, A Radio Play About Vampires and other sexy monsters, cosplay weirdos, hot hot malibu parties and much more!

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Kelly on Twitter: @KellyHuddleston

Hank on Twitter: @Hank_Thompson


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Joe McAdam is a charming man. He's so naturally funny that you'll quickly forgive his countless flaws. Since moving to LA in the summer of 2013, he's taken over the apartment where he lives and hasn't looked back since. In this podcast: the nightmare that is Facebook birthdays, Kelly's latest Get Rich Never scheme, Joe's dirty family secret about Santa, Kelly tells us about horrific casting workshops, Joe blows his job hunt, Lance Bass in space, bitcoin what is, some guinea pigs met a dog, why you should put potatoes and condoms in separate garbage cans, bettering oneself, Joe met Ron Jeremy and had an impromptu threeway with him. Plus more! 

Joe on Twitter: @JoeMcAdam  |  Joe's Website:

Kelly on Twitter: @KellyHuddleston

Hank on Twitter: @Hank_Thompson


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Kelly Huddleston debuts as co-host of the podcast. She's a comedian and actor with notable roles including Don Draper's dead whore mother in Mad Men and as one of John Lithgow's first and naked victim in Dexter among others, each with its own crazy story. 

In this, their first episode together, and the first episode since Hank moved to Los Angeles, Hank and Kelly get to know each other since they're not really friends yet. Kelly wonders if donating used deodorant is socially acceptable or not, how Hank murdered helpless fish in his former career, a sad sad strip club, Kelly's brush with a professional dominatrix, abortion for dogs and porn for blind people. Kelly details the process for auditioning for a nude death scene and what it was like filming her scene in Dexter in which she acted (wrestled) naked with John Lithgow, also naked. 

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Episode 111 - Seriously with Matty Ryan & Michael Joyce

Comedians Matty Ryan and Michael Joyce join Hank on the podcast. After checking in with da boys things get da serious as we talk politics, religion, the drug war, healthcare, pet ownership, Matty's show: Parlour Car Comedy, Michael's news webseries: Da News, and more. Really fun show, especially if you like listening to dude's opinions. Just listen already!

out of context quote:

"Kitty butt string. That's actually a good band."


Matty Ryan Twitter: Matty_Ryan and the Parlour Car Facebook page

Michael Joyce Twitter: @NotMikeJoyce and Da News!

Hank Thompson Twitter: @Hank_Thompson


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