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Eddie Della Siepe is a stand up comedian, actor, TV personality and Canadian. After building a successful career in Canada that included numerous television appearances, he recently moved to Los Angeles. His album, I Think I've Changed, recently debuted on iTunes and his podcast, Barely Friending, is a must-listen for anyone with ears. He joins Hank on the Winners and Losers podcast for conversation about topless maids, the weird adorable way his parents met, living in LA, being a loner, and the transition from sunny Canada to cold, frigid LA. Many words and laughs were shared. 


Eddie's Twitter: @EddieDellaSiepe

Eddie's website:

Hank's Twitter: @Hank_Thompson

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Episode 1 of Brick & Sizzle, starring Eddie De La Siepe and Sean Leary.


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Joe McAdam is a charming man. Longtime friend-of-the-show, the comedian, writer and actor re-unites with Hank for a wide-ranging conversation about everything from genitalia to comedy and more. Joe's not just hilarious on stage and on podcasts, his sketch show, The Wheel Show, delights audiences at the Nerdmelt Showroom on a regular basis. He also co-hosted the smash-hit news parody show, Infinite Clicks, which is totally a successful web-series and not a failed YouTube channel.


Joe McAdam's Twitter: @JoeMcAdam

Joe's website:

Hank's Twitter: @Hank_Thompson

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An episode from Infinite Clicks with Hank and Joe:

Joe and Hank make Christmas Guacamole on Taste Buds, a cooking show:


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Matt Kirshen is a stand up comedian, writer and podcaster. He has appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Paul Provenza’s Green Room, and as a finalist on NBC's Last Comic Standing. His podcast, Probably Science, features hilarious conversations with scientists and comedians about science. In this episode we discuss the British political system, why the Queen is nonsense, autism and a whole lot more. Listen!

Click Here for the episode of Probably Science with myself and my neuroscientist brother, Dr. Chris Thompson.


Matt Kirshen's Twitter: @MattKirshen

Matt's website:

Matt on Facebook:

Probably Science:

Hank's Twitter: @Hank_Thompson

Hank's website:



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Jessica Ellis is a screenwriter based in Los Angeles. Raised in the hippie fields of Northern California, she pursued singing and theater before turning her focus to screenwriting. As a graduate of the American Film Institute Conservatory, she is actively developing numerous projects. In this episode, she and Hank meet for the first time and discuss life in LA, divorce, dating, marriage, writing, comedy, scifi and all things in between. 


Jessica Ellis' Twitter: @BaddestMamaJama

Hank's Twitter: @Hank_Thompson

Hank's website:



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Martin Morrow is a comedian, improviser, actor and writer. He has performed in clubs, colleges, and festivals all over the country including Atlanta, Austin, Cleveland, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia, and Portland and has worked with some of the top names in comedy. He joins Hank on the podcast to talk growing up in Alabama, his brief time working on a film in New York, moving to Chicago for comedy and a lot of inappropriate sex talk.


Martin Morrow's Twitter: @martinMmorrow

Martin's Website:

Hank's Twitter: @Hank_Thompson

Hank's website:



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Laura House is a stand-up comic, actor, writer and meditation teacher. After starring in Mtv's first fully-scripted sit-com Austin Stories, she acted opposite Natalie Portman in Where the Heart is and performed on Comedy Central's Premium Blend, NBC and HBO. She's written on TV shows such as Samantha Who?, the George Lopez Show, Mad Love and CBS's Mom as well as had shows in development at ABC, FX and Nickelodeon. 

Laura House's Twitter: @ImLauraHouse

Laura's Website:

Hank's Twitter: @Hank_Thompson

Hank's website:



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Bree Essrig is an actor, host, filmmaker and YouTuber with over 200K subscribers. Her videos reflect her years of dedication to the craft of comedy and storytelling. As a regular co-host of the hit show "Pop Trigger" on TYT Network, she drops knowledge and funny on the news of the day. Her acting credits are too numerous to list and is dwarfed by her ever-growing list of loyal fans, of which you're about to become one.  


Bree's YouTube Channel:

Bree Essrig's Twitter: @BreeEssrig

Hank's Twitter: @Hank_Thompson

Hank's Gaming Channel:

Hank's website:



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Christopher Ryan is an author, podcaster, PhD, world wanderer and shame shaman. His book "Sex at Dawn" is a New York Times Bestseller and is a must-read for anyone with genitals. It explores the riddle of why modern mating systems don't seem to fit with our ancient biology. He is currently completing his second book "Civilized To Death."

If you want more Chris Ryan after listening to this, check out his podcast "Tangentially Speaking with Dr. Christopher Ryan."


Tangentially Speaking on iTunes

Chris Ryan's Twitter: @ChrisRyanPhd


Hank's Twitter: @Hank_Thompson

Hank's website:



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Johnny Pemberton (21 Jump Street, 22 Jump Street, Twisting The Wind podcast) is a hilarious stand up comedian. He joins Hank and Kelly to discuss everything from being on set of a big film to his passion for gardening, as well as many other wonderful moments. It’s one of the top ten conversations to ever exist.

Johnny’s podcast: Twisting The Wind

Johnny on Twitter: @JohnnyPemberton


Kelly on Twitter: @KellyHuddleston

Hank on Twitter: @Hank_Thompson


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Bianca Gisselle knew early she had a thing for music and after listening to this podcast so will you. The singer/songwriter brings her talents to the show for a fun and silly discussion about music, music life, life outside music, and handling old creeps at the grocery store. We even solve the mystery of mom jeans. Plus, a Winners & Losers First! Bianca performs the song, Smiling Under My Umbrella, live! Get your dancing pants on, motherfuckers! 
In this podcast: When she started in music, eunuchs are unique, having it or not having it, where songs come from, a live performance of her latest song, get your music out there, how the music world works, furry boots and other awesome fashion, mom jeans deconstructed, Shakira, Bianca's brush with a creep exposes the sad truth about creepdom, and more!
Bianca on Twitter: @BiancaGisselle | website:
Kelly on Twitter: @KellyHuddleston
Hank on Twitter: @Hank_Thompson
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Marina Shifrin quit her job in the best way possible: publicly, and while dancing. Her video, "An Interpretive Dance For My Boss Set To Kanye West's Gone" received 15 million views in under two weeks, vaulting her to global Internet stardom and earned her appearances on the Today Show, The Queen Latifah Show and other outlets. Here the comedian-writer shares the inside story of how the video came to be, what it's like being at the center of an Internet maelstrom and about the next stage of her post-viral life. Her immense talent has taken her to great places and now its taken her to the immensest place of all: The Winners and Losers Show. 

In this podcast: one of the largest viral videos of 2013, writing for the internet, broken hearts and bruised egos, living in Taiwan, Next Media Animation, the difference between managers and agents, the big bad YouTube world, being a offered a job on-air by Queen Latifah, the cool coolness of Carson Daly, the boundaries of bosses, living in LA, Hank's moment of sad horrific irony, and so much more!

Marina on Twitter: @MarinaVsTweets | website:

Kelly on Twitter: @KellyHuddleston

Hank on Twitter: @Hank_Thompson


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Jake Head earned his Boston accent the hard way: by growing up there. Co-starring with Kelly in the hit play, The Foreigner, Jake has had numerous roles, and now he has the role of a lifetime: Winners & Losers Show guest. From voiceover to TV to film, he shares many of his experiences as an actor. Be as charmed as we were. You have yourah ordahs!

In this podcast: why concussions are good for acting, being in a play, do you get an erection in a sex scene?, Ron Jeremy's first non-porn role, Kelly duct-taped her boobs for school, experimenting with sobriety and health, the meanings of success, Jake's sexy fans, Hank's rugby days, Jake worked on a movie lot a lot, "Thick Neck Guy Number One," stunt work, Hollywood is run by juicers, Hank's Hit New Play: Galaxy Diddler!, Jake's beautiful moment with a screaming woman on a plummeting airplane

Jake on Twitter: @JakeOHead

Kelly on Twitter: @KellyHuddleston

Hank on Twitter: @Hank_Thompson


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Chris Millhouse has big shoes to fill. Specifically, Kelly Huddleston's. She and her giant feet couldn't make it to the taping. Fortunately, the LA-based comedian is as easy to talk to as he is hilarious, which is VERY. Chris sat down for an in-depth conversation about stand up comedy. He shares some hard-won lessons learned as a comedian in Los Angeles, not just on-stage, but in the casting room. Be impressed by how well he tolerates Hank's inexplicable derailing of the the conversation.

in this podcast: Twitter snobbery, #Following Friday, @Midnight and what it means for comedy, getting that first TV credit & knowing talk show bookers, handling criticism, festivals, Chris's personal growth as a comedian over the years, his start in San Diego, gossip, the pain and gain of selling merch, the Follow-Through Curse, defending who you know, when Twitter success precedes stage success, and leaving the bullshit behind, plus so much more! 

Chris on Twitter: @ChrisMillhouse   |  Website:

Kelly on Twitter: @KellyHuddleston

Hank on Twitter: @Hank_Thompson


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Traci Stumpf is a stand up comedian, TV host, celebrity interviewer and driver of a super fun car. When not touring, she resides in LA where she makes her living being awesome on red carpets and TV studios. Spectacular hair is the least of her talents. She combines fast wit and even faster charm into the best kind of cocktail: funny. Her appearance on the Winners & Losers Show is only her latest triumph in Hollywood.

In this podcast: Fukishima radiation, life after hair school, moms on Facebook, professional red carpet interviews, dressing up in dresses, practice Oscar interviews, gifting suites aren't sweet (they're f*ckin' weird), backstage at the Oscars, Amanda Seyfried will hate this, the point of Stand Up, the emptiness of after-parties, Kelly stars in a play and why, career momentum and honest answers, flaccid craigslist peepees, House of Cards, Downton Abbey, Sherlock, True Detective, what do actor's actually make Traci's evil Twitter and more!

Traci on Twitter: @TraciStumpf  |  Website:

Kelly on Twitter: @KellyHuddleston

Hank on Twitter: @Hank_Thompson


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Ashley and Austin are experts on all things slippery, from sex to dating to breaking up to being wonderful podcast guests. Ashley is a drama therapist specializing in relationships, family dynamics, and sexual and chemical addictions. Austin is a sex and relationship coach. Together they run, a site devoted to sex-positive education and inspiration. If you've got genitals, then they're good people to know. 

In this podcast: how they met, online dating for females, biggest online dating mistakes guys make, dating trends, we each take a bite from an Edible Panties, coconut oil don'ts and don'ts, best toys for men, brazilian waxes and grooming, threesomes, cucumbers, the Fleshlight and other sex toys, their experience at the Adult Video News Awards, the evolution of marriage, when divorce wasn't cool, pick up artistry for beginners and pros, men and women scissoring, plus so much more! 

Ashley and Austin on Twitter: @askashleyaustin  |  Website:

Kelly on Twitter: @KellyHuddleston

Hank on Twitter: @Hank_Thompson


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Ken Barnard is more than just a man. He's also a nice man. Aside from giving Hank a roof to sleep under when he arrived in LA, Ken is an accomplished comedian, sketch performer, actor and chip and dip server. Get him in your heart now!

In this podcast: Ken shares some truly bizarre experiences he's had while working for Tosh.0 including a horse woman and the perils of hotel dentistry, when football on sundays gets weird, Ken Was A Badass Early, putting animals down ain't easy, Kelly's volunteer catsitting career almost takes off, jobless in LA is a special kind of jobless (lots of creeps), Facebook Rage Is All The Rage, pancakes aren't giraffe food, A Radio Play About Vampires and other sexy monsters, cosplay weirdos, hot hot malibu parties and much more!

Ken on Twitter: @KenBarnard  |  Ken's Website:

Kelly on Twitter: @KellyHuddleston

Hank on Twitter: @Hank_Thompson


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Joe McAdam is a charming man. He's so naturally funny that you'll quickly forgive his countless flaws. Since moving to LA in the summer of 2013, he's taken over the apartment where he lives and hasn't looked back since. In this podcast: the nightmare that is Facebook birthdays, Kelly's latest Get Rich Never scheme, Joe's dirty family secret about Santa, Kelly tells us about horrific casting workshops, Joe blows his job hunt, Lance Bass in space, bitcoin what is, some guinea pigs met a dog, why you should put potatoes and condoms in separate garbage cans, bettering oneself, Joe met Ron Jeremy and had an impromptu threeway with him. Plus more! 

Joe on Twitter: @JoeMcAdam  |  Joe's Website:

Kelly on Twitter: @KellyHuddleston

Hank on Twitter: @Hank_Thompson


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Kelly Huddleston debuts as co-host of the podcast. She's a comedian and actor with notable roles including Don Draper's dead whore mother in Mad Men and as one of John Lithgow's first and naked victim in Dexter among others, each with its own crazy story. 

In this, their first episode together, and the first episode since Hank moved to Los Angeles, Hank and Kelly get to know each other since they're not really friends yet. Kelly wonders if donating used deodorant is socially acceptable or not, how Hank murdered helpless fish in his former career, a sad sad strip club, Kelly's brush with a professional dominatrix, abortion for dogs and porn for blind people. Kelly details the process for auditioning for a nude death scene and what it was like filming her scene in Dexter in which she acted (wrestled) naked with John Lithgow, also naked. 

Follow Kelly on Twitter: @KellyHuddleston

Follow Hank on Twitter: @Hank_Thompson


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Episode 110 - Filmtime Funfest & Oscar Predictacular with Stephen Markley

Author and Red Eye columnist Stephen Markley returns to the podcast to talk movies, movies, movies! Jeff Steinbrunner co-hosts this rip-roaring, butt-kicking, tube-squeezing episode of awesome. After talking about the big films in 2012 we discuss upcoming films in 2013 and then we apply our expertise to perfectly predict who will win the Oscars. If you like movies, this is the podcast for you! If you don't like movies, what's wrong with you weirdo?

out of context quotes:

"We should not beat off Lincoln."

"Oh, same guy. Same guy. Gerbil up the butt. All the same dude."


Get Stephen's first book, Publish This Book on Amazon. Red Eye columns. Twitter: @StephenMarkley

Jeff's Twitter: @JSteinbrunner

Hank's website: Twitter: @Hank_Thompson


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Episode 109 - The Menvironment with Mikey Manker

Comedian Mikey Manker returns to the podcast with Joe McAdam. Topics: The legend of Uncle Artie, being new to comedy, Kinison, Pryor, etcetera, Mikey's "underground" bomb, Hank tinkers with vegetarianism, and Hank gets a wasteful package which leads Mikey and Joe to declare their desire to destroy the earth with their carelessness. And fun!

out of context quotes:

"The 80s, when stupidity reigned."

"What are you gonna do? Not eat a beetle shell?"


Mikey's Academy Award Winning webseries: Mclean Ave

Joe McAdam's Twitter: @JoeMcAdam

Hank's Twitter: @Hank_Thompson


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Episode 108 - Shafted with Mike Sheehan

Comedian Mike Sheehan returns to the podcast for an intelligent debate about the most popular synonyms for penis, the pain of breaking up, what influences the homogenization of culture, whether or not evolution is still occurring, fatherhood, the sexy sexy Jude Law, God, heart rates and Hank takes on the pro-heckling community.

out of context quotes:

"They should have dental dams for beaver dentists."

"Why is he so sexy? Why is Jude Law sexy?"


The article Hank wrote in response to The Chicago Tribune's pro-heckling piece: A Heckler's Offensive: A World of Assholes

Mike Sheehan on FB

Jeff on Twitter: @JSteinbrunner

Hank on Twitter: @Hank_Thompson


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Comedian and firee Nate Simmons joins Hank and Kevin on the podcast for a fun discussion about getting canned, shitty bosses, bear hunting, Kevin's take on the LA comedy scene, Hank's recollection of a terrible date at Potbelly's, Nate ruins a date because he was on mushrooms and tells the story of an all-nighter with a babe that went south, and we dig deep into childhood to figure out what makes us tick so poorly. Plus so much more. You'll smile at least once!

out of context quote:

"It was weird, I guess. I was also on drugs."
"The one day I didn't start a fire and I'm fired for being an arsonist!"
Nate Simmons on FB: Nate Simmons
Kevin Lee's Twitter: @420BinLaden69
Hank's Twitter: @Hank_Thompson and website:
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Episode 106 - Katey Selix & Reena Calm

Comedian and producer Katey Selix joins Reena and Hank on the podcast for a wet and wild discussion about rapidly oscillating bedroom aides, arousal oriented online filmography, miscellaneous sex talk, Katey's past relationships, Hank's broken car makes Hank angry, the differences between men and women finally gets the attention it deserves, and career optimism despite the odds, plus more! And more!

out of context quotes:

"It's like the Illuminati and shit."

"A super whore, huh? Wore a cape?"


Katey's Twitter: @GingerSchnaps

Reena's Twitter: @ImCalm247

Hank's Twitter: @Hank_Thompson


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Episode 105 - Nate Burrows

Comedian and guy Nate Burrows joins hank and Joe on the podcast for rip-roaring discussion about whale tails, Nate's hit show (The Comedy Evening), prom and yamakas. Also, a whole bunch of other shit. Please listen.

out of context quote:

"I'm doing radio magic!"


Nate's Facebook and show website:

Joe's twitter: @JoeMcAdam and website:

Hank's Twitter: @Hank_Thompson and website:


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NOTE FROM HANK: This episode was recorded several weeks ago, which is why you'll hear references to "Thanksgiving" and such. We are going to get back on track before too long. Love, Hank.

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Winners and Losers favorite, Joe McAdam, steps up when the scheduled guest fails to show up and will never be invited to do the show again. We discuss Daniel Day Lewis's portrayal of Lincoln (Abraham), Hank's bleeding ears, Joe's podcast (Revolutions Per Minute), how Hank helped Joe quit smoking, the origins of the drug war, other exciting political shit, and lots of good laughs. Just listen already I don't have time for this shit. And fun!
out of context quotes:
"There's gonna be a president who during his speech does the jack off motion."

"I heard you started a podcast. Some guy told me. You did. You were the guy."


Joe's website: and Twitter: @JoeMcAdam and his NEW PODCAST: Revolutions Per Minute

Hank's Twitter:@Hank_Thompson


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Sorry for the delay in releasing an episode. I've been sidetracked the last several weeks by a very serious health matter in the family. It's taken every ounce of my time and energy and unfortunately the podcast has suffered because of it, among other things. It won't be long before we're back to a more regular release schedule. Thank you for not downloading any of those other podcasts. Love you all.

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Comedians Will Miles and Mike Joyce return to the show for a hilarious discussion about Joyce's new podcast (Going Nowhere with Mike Joyce), Tom Cruise's black son and other racy topics, tips for negotiating over the phone, Will's salad tossing days, storytelling shows, just what the hell a Brown (Cleveland) is, asteroids, the range of human experience, and more. EXCELLENT SHOW. Plus tons more fun.

out of context quotes:

"'I'm President Obama. My Twitter handle is Dickface Fartmonster.'"

"If you can draw on eyebrows, why can't you draw on a beard?"


Follow Will Miles on Twitter: @MrWillMiles

Follow Mike Joyce on Twitter: @NotMikeJoyce

Don't follow Hank Thompson on Twitter: @Hank_Thompson


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Comedian Aaron Weaver joins Hank on the podcast. Topics include: dealing with jealousy, nerves and other emotions in the stand up world, the trappings of rats, Aaron was born in Windsor Canada, some other shit, The time he met a big black horse while on "peanut butter", Hank and his dad are accosted by a rabid muskrat, Snubfest gets the Hankfest. And so much more!

out of context quote:

"Is your middle name Basket?"


Aaron's Twitter: @aaaaronweaver

Hank's Twitter: @Hank_Thompson

Google: Google

Check out the short film Aaron and I are in, also appearing: Liza Treyger, made for the 48 Hour Film Festival:

Growth [on Vimeo]


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Episode 101 - Assorted Music References with Dan and Joe

Comedians Dan Friesen and Joe Fernandez return to W&L HQ for a hot 3-way of aural badminton. After solving the slam train riddle, we talk about a disgusting study, Dan and Joe's Cubs outing, non-alcoholism, getting attention from babes after a comedy show, Dan's Comedians You Should Know recap and his new suity looks and the scourge of bachelorettes that's ruining the world. Plus, Hank and Dan fight a little, which is nice. And more!

out of context quote:

"Yeah, she was my type. She kind of looked a little trampy."
"I, also, look like a creep."
Dan's Twitter: @FriesenPoint
Joe's Twitter: @JoeFernandez84
Hank's Twitter: @Hank_Thompson
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Episode 100 - 100th Anniversary Showtacular

This is our 100th Anniversary Memorial Special with the very first guests of the podcast: Lane Pieschel and Simmons McDavid. Two real men of America. Genuine heroes. We reminisce about the early days of the Winners and Losers Podcast and discuss how life has improved in the last 2 years. Nobody is any better off! Hank tries to make himself sneeze by snorting pepper. Then Lane's mood sours when he gets called in to work. Kind of a terrible show, really. Plus lots lots more! Listen today!

out of context quote:

"How much longer are we doing this?"


Simmons' Twitter: N/A Simmons' Facebook: N/A

Lane's Twitter: @notnotLane

Hank's Twitter: @Hank_Thompson


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Episode 099 - Mike Wiley

Comedian Mike Wiley joins Hank and Mikey on the podcast for a FUN discussion about the difference between seals and sea lions, Mike's brush with becoming the law, Mike's comedy album (Inconducive to Comedy), moving to LA, working at a party store, Game of Thrones and EVEN MORE THAN YOU COULD EVER IMAGINE. Get it today!

out of context quote:

"You like the swordplay, though, dontcha?"


Get Mike's album, Inconducive to Comedy, at his website: Twitter: @wikemiley

Mikey’s Twitter: @MikeyManker

Hank’s Twitter: @Hank_Thompson


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Episode 098 - Trippity Do Da with Stephen Markley

Author, columnist and guy Stephen Markley returns to the podcast to discuss his new e-book, The Great Dysmorphia, in which he details doing mushrooms at a Republican Presidential debate, plus hot talk about Twitter obsession, the never-offensive world of online comments, The Dark Knight Rises gets the business, pool table fantasies, Stephen's leg-opening trip to Iceland, the Curiosity landing, politics and male on female scissoring. Plus more!

out of context quote:

"That's because you've grown up poor."


Check out The Great Dysmorphia (available August 23rd), Stephen's column Off The Markley, and Twitter: @StephenMarkley

Hank's website: and Twitter: @Hank_Thompson

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Episode 097 - That's What Sheehan Said with Mike Sheehan

Comedian Mike Sheehan returns to the podcast for a discussion about killer whales, primate penis design, the value of drinking, the value of money, politics and prisons, Mike faces a career newspaper thief in his building and a hipster coffee shop gets Sheebrunnered. Plus much much more!

out of context quote:

"Also nobody's having sex with them anymore."


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Follow Hank on Twitter: @Hank_Thompson and website:


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Episode 096 - Anger Issues with Mikey Manker

Comedian Mikey Manker returns to the podcast for a one-on-one discussion about online dating, bullying stories, Hank breaks down why he almost punched a friend for putting water in his buttcrack, the need for therapy, How Oompa Loompas breed, science, particle accelerators, space, the hope for Heaven, and Esquire's Big Black Book of Crap. Plus a lot more. Very personal episode.

out of context quote:

"Boy, that Jabba the Hut, man, that guy really drove a hard bargain."


Friend Mikey on Facebook

Hank on Twitter: @Hank_Thompson

Note from Hank:

Sorry for the delay in getting an episode out. Life got busy.

Direct download: 2012.07.27_WL_096_-_Anger_Issues_with_Mikey_Manker.mp3
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Comedian and podcaster Dan Friesen returns to the podcast with Hank and Joe to talk about Mr Bean, Colt Cabana chops fans, nips, Hank reaches an embarrassing milestone, how Dan's musical references annoy Hank, childhood pets, the huma huma nooka nooka akuwa aa fish, comedic expertise, and Hank challenges Dan's strong anti-zombie beliefs. Plus a lot more for your ears.

out of context quote:

"Take that, cats!"


Dan's Podcast: The Friesen Point and Twitter: @friesenpoint

Joe's Godzilla Remix Project: and Twitter: @JoeMcAdam

Hank's Website: and Twitter: @Hank_Thompson


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Direct download: 2012.07.05_WL_095_-_Icy_with_Dan_Friesen.mp3
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Comedian and singer Natalie Jose joins Hank and Matt for a discussion about the Star Trek movie, the most extreme genital, Natalie's three bands, the Chicago Women's Funny Festival, Taste of Chicago? More like Waste of Chicago, Hank has his knowledge of women tested, Natalie almost passes out in public and gets hit on by her rescuers, taking improv classes and failure. Plus a ton more fun!

out of context quote:

"Truth in comedy. Am I right, Officer Riggs?"


The Weepin Willlows on YouTube and Natalie's Twitter: @NatalieJose

Matt's Tumblr: and Twitter: @MattRiggs

Hank's website: and Twitter: @Hank_Thompson


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Episode 093 - Bill Cruz and Mikey Manker

Comedian and d*ck picker Mikey Manker and comedian and d*ck pickee Bill Cruz joins Hank on the podcast. Topics includes: telemundo babes, how to make corn tortillas, the joys of divorce, Hank's first feature gig, Falstaff the Shakespeare guy, the phenomenon of dick drunk, Bill's reign as prom prince, the great Shawshank Redemption racism debate, and a heck of a lot more hilarious and fun talk. For your ears!

out of context quotes:

"Hi, I'm Co Guest, Christopher Guest's son, Co."

"Don't consider something funny just because I laugh at it."


Hank is launching an advice column/podcast feature called Askplay. Hank is a professional advice expert and will solve any of life's conundrums. Email your question to ""   Do it!


Mikey's Twitter: @MikeyManker

Bill's Twitter: @BillCruz

Hank's Twitter: @Hank_Thompson


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Episode 092 - Joyceover Work with Mike Joyce

Comedian and guy Mike Joyce joins Hank and Joe McAdam on the podcast. Topics include chest hair, Mike witnessed a motorcycle crash, bush-grooming for married men, the glory Troll 2 and Best Worst Movie, Hank's loneliness, pervy furries, the Kiwani's Club, religion, listeners call in and mercilessly bababooey Hank and we solve the classic debate: Waffles, Pancakes or French Toast? (The answer is Crepes.) Plus a whole lot more!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Hank is launching an advice column/segment called Askplay. As a professional advice expert Hank is qualified to offer advice on any topic. Email: "" with a question or quandry and Hank will solve your problem.

out of context quote:

"He'd be Robocop's boss."

"I'd say it was more of an exasperated guffaw."


Mike's website: and Twitter: @NotMikeJoyce

Joe's website: and Twitter: @JoeMcAdam

Hank's website: and Twitter: @Hank_Thompson


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Comedian and podcaster James Fritz (@JamesFritzComic) joins Hank and Joe on the podcast. Discussion includes Hank's heartwarming origin story and James' role in it, public urination, Hank almost passed out at the doctor, and James shares his experience featuring for Jamie Kilstein. And a whole lot more. And more. Get it now!

out of context quote:

"Yeah, warts don't always just come from women."


James' podcast: You Could Be Dead and Twitter: @JamesFritzComic

Joe's website: and Twitter: @JoeMcAdam

Hank's website: and Twitter: @Hank_Thompson


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Episode 090 - Matt Kona

Comedian and podcaster Matt Kona comes all the way from Boston to discuss bombing in front of 400 bikers, the Boston comedy scene, the absurdity of Facebook's event system, doing comedy while traveling, secrets of the meat department, who must whip it, and like all podcasts: crazy sex stories, during which Hank describes the saddest thing he's ever seen in his life. Plus, like, WAY more. Listen now!

out of context quote:

"This taco truck. It was run by these burlesque people."


Matt's website: and Twitter: @MattKona

Hank's website: and Twitter: @Hank_Thompson


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Part 2 with funnyman Tyson K and Joe McAdam. In this exciting conclusion we drink the second half of the case of beer while talking about time capsules, date banging, Lank Thompson: Handsome Actor, Tyson's tips on doing well in black rooms, the joys of balding, and what it takes to become an elite athlete. Plus tons more you'll enjoy. Get it!

out of context quotes:

"When I go home, I'm a local. When I go somewhere else, somone else is a local."

"I'm getting drinky."


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Direct download: 2012.04.30_WL_089_-_Tyson_K_-_Part_2.mp3
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Comedian Tyson K joins Hank and Joe McAdam on the podcast. Hear Tyson's crazy story of moving to Chicago 3 days after being dumped by the girl he was moving to Chicago with. Then a little Game of Thrones talk, some stand up comedy talk and the sex lives of trees gets the Winners and Losers Treatment. This is part 1 of a 2 part episode. By the end of part 2 we'd finished a case of beer.

out of context quote:

"Here I go! I'm unzipping!"


Tyson's Twitter: @TysonKComedy

Joe's Twitter: @JoeMcAdam

Hank's Twitter: @Hank_Thompson


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Episode 087 - Saurin Choksi

Comedian Saurin Choksi joins Hank and Liza on the podcast. Topics include how Hank and Saurin met as new Chicago comics, Liza's dishes details on featuring for Amy Schumer in a Milwaukee theater and another alluring round of ROMANTIC FANTASIES. Plus a lot of hilarious chit-chat that will rock your whirled. Get it! Ahhhhh.

out of context quote:

"Is this really happening? Is this what he does?"


Saurin's website: and twitter: @saurinchoksi

Liza's twitter: @GlitterCheese Folla her!

Hank's website: and twitter: @Hank_Thompson


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Episode 086 - Pat O'Rourke and Rob Gregory and Me

Podcasting duo Pat O'Rourke and Rob Gregory (Somebody and Me Podcast)join podcasting uno Hank on the podcast for a raucous discussion about cereal, the improv world, Jane Goodall, video games, the Walking Dead and more and more! Tune in!

out of context quotes:

"Were her dogs walking around the class?"

"What is this? A Difficult-Bake Oven?"


Pat and Rob's Podcast: Somebody and Me. Twitter: @SomebodyFunny

Hank's blog: Twitter: @Hank_Thompson


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Episode 085 - Just the Gratuity with Matt Riggs

Comedian/podcaster Matt Riggs joins Hank and Joe on the podcast. Topics include: springy time, Your Funniest Friends Showcase, berry production and cleaning, being taken to the salad bar, pretty porno faces, tipping etiquette at starbucks, sexy car sex, Joe's being filmed for a documentary about comedy, Hank's Big Bomb (sort of), Matt has his mom as a guest on his show, and many more words are said.

out of context quotes:

"I felt weird because it was in my neighborhood and she had a lot of windows."

"Tipping is a big deal in this country. Tipping."


Matt and Joe's podcast: Bad News Good Timing. Matt's other podcast: Matt Likes Girls. Twitter: @MattRiggs

Joe's website: Twitter: @Joe_Fernandez84

Hank's website: Twitter: @Hank_Thompson


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Episode 084 - Bomb Away with Kevin Hogan

Comedian Kevin Hogan joins Hank and Dan on the podcast. Topics discussed: When to request donations, chromosomes, apartment to attract the ladies, Kevin's Bombing Story, Kevin gets into politics to take on Big Scholarship, CSI: Minnesota for real? No, turning down Seth Mcfarlane, Kevin was a cigarette fairy and how he got fired, Dan gets fired up about podcast pushback, SEGMENT: HANK WROTE A PLAY FOR SOME REASON, podcasts and parents oh my!, Kevin and Dan's "friendship", ideas for spicing up an open mic, plus a bunch more sh*t. Fun for everybody.

out of context quotes:

"When did I fail wizard school?!"

"Hey, it doesn't say no creeps within 500 feet."


Dan and Kevin's podcast: The Friesen Point

Hank's Blog:


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Direct download: 2012.03.12_WL_084_-_Bombs_Away_with_Kevin_Hogan.mp3
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Comedian Drew Michael (@DrewMComedy) joins Hank and Mike on the podcast. Topics include: the importance of insult accuracy, baldness and prison fear, Mike went to maximum security prison and then performed at the opening night of the Chicago Laugh Factory, recent changes in the Chicago Comedy scene, Hank saw Drew open for Jim Jeffries in 2008, Mike's being filmed for a documentary, Life's Too Short, Three Stooges Trailer, selling out to sell out and the art of compromising art, how Drew learned to calm down, Facebook arguing, scene beefs, how the mind f*cks with reality, NEWS SEGMENT: Drew Michael Hears the News!, the slope of justice bends toward freedom. Plus more!

out of context quotes:

"No geniuses as far as Trivial Pursuit goes."

"Water? Smoke? What do I look like? A convenience store?"

"I have some open ligaments sticking out."


Drew's show: and website:

Mike's website: and Twitter: @mikestanley1

Hank's blog: and Twitter: @Hank_Thompson

Direct download: 2012.03.06_WL_083_-_Drew_Michael.mp3
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Episode 081 - Bedroom Sighs with Megan Gailey

Comedian and female Megan Gailey (@MeganGailey) joins males Hank and Joe on the podcast. Topics include: how female comedians are introduced, the audition process/doing commercials for companies you don't support, bedroom eyes, Megan was almost a Bud Light Girl for the Super Bowl and got over it by going to the Super Bowl, puppy dog face and other manipulations, nursing home nookie, another round of DALAI LAMA OR PORNSTAR!, quitting smoking. So many words were spoken!

out of context quote:

"All these fancy people can't be bothered by regulars. We don't need them touching us."


Megan's podcast:

Joe's comedy group:

Hank's website:

Direct download: 2012.02.20_WL_081_-_Bedroom_Sighs_with_Megan_Gailey.mp3
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Episode 080 - Sean Flannery

Comedian and podcaster Sean Flannery (@Sean_M_Flannery) joins Hank and Joe on the podcast. Topics include: Sean's sports parody show: Visitor's Locker Room, sports sensationalism and the role it plays in society, tribalism, America's Religion: Football, stadiums, Hank solves the NFL's concussion problem, Robot Jocks, Green Bay's unique organizational structure, birthdays and Birthday shows, How Sean developed his one man show Never Been to Paris, working at the UCB, crazy drunk stories from dudes, Sean (and his very tolerant wife) lived with a comb over, Drive, Bronson and Real Steel. Plus more and more!
out of context quotes:
"I consider the NFL to be borderline evil."
"I fell down earlier today."
See Sean's One Man Show, Never Been to Paris at Comedy Bar, Sean's website:
Joe McAdam's website: and twitter (@JoeMcAdam)
Hank's website: and twitter: (@Hank_Thompson)
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Direct download: 2012.02.13_WL_080_-_Sean_Flannery.mp3
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Episode 079 - Pete Holmes

Comedian, writer, podcaster and voice Pete Holmes (@peteholmez) joins Hank on the podcast. Topics include: transitioning from improv to stand up, the duality of existence, breaking down material and the layers of details, being a fan of yourself, sex and stand up, Pete's thought process between shows, what motivates decision-making and why people choose comedy, how his podcast has affected the crowds, life as a famous fake baby, the riff rift, Pete cartoons for the New Yorker, Hank loses track of a thought about being in the moment, writing for television overthinking, watering yourself, aggro can be appropo, angry dad/smothering mother, talent, drive, crazy and the other things it takes to succeed. Plus tons more! Thanks for listening!

out of context quote:

"All the things that make sex good make stand up good"


Follow Pete on Twitter: (@PeteHolmez). His website: ( Listen to his podcast: (You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes)

Follow Hank on Twitter: (@Hank_Thompson). Here's his blog: (


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Episode 078 - Stephen Markley

Author and Red Eye columnist Stephen Markley joins Hank and Jeff on the podcast. Topics include: is a middle name an ACTUAL name? Stephen's book 'Publish this Book,' reading at an erotic fiction reading series, looking at the long game and self-promotion, the world of literary journals, a Springsteen song to Brucetube, sexy book parties, Stephen's Page 4 colum in the Red Eye, the psychology of taking offense, getting LOST in another thrilling round of Romantic Fantasies, Hank shoes away airport love, @RupertMurdoch, protecting material, SOPA, sports strikes and plenty of must-listen politics. And more! Thanks!

out of context quotes:

"No one's ever had a healthy relationship. It just doesn't exist."

"It's like a choose-your-own-adventure except someone already made the choices for you. AKA a book."


Follow Stephen on Twitter: @StephenMarkley. Read his Red Eye column. Get his book: Publish This Book! His website: 

Follow Jeff on Twitter: @jsteinbrunner. Jeff's Saturday night show:

Follow Hank on Twitter: @Hank_Thompson. Read his blog:


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Episode 077 - Rich and Stylish with Liza Treyger

Comedian Liza Treyger (@GlitterCheese) returns to the podcast. Topics include: extreme pringles, religion and witches, movie theater snacks and full meals, Fashion magazine for fashion women, Kelly Oxford and twitter, Liza is BFF with Nikki Glazer (Best Feature Forever), hating liza makes her likeable, the perfect wedding ring, liver transplants and lungs, Liza's job and job interviewing, lifestyles of the rich and stylists, Celebrity News with Liza Treyger: Montana Fishburne, tons of money fantasies, Leonardo De Caprio is surprisingly young, breaking bad and crazy addictions, favorite babies, Puff Daddy vs Jay Z and a randy game of Would You Rather?

out of context quotes:

"Today I was watching a Law and Order: SVU called 'Slaves.'"

"Because they're surrounded by yes women."


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Direct download: 2012.01.23_WL_077_-_Rich_and_Stylish_with_Liza_Treyger.mp3
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Episode 076 - #WithMyDick with Mike Lebovitz

Comedian and Twitter God Mike Lebovitz (@MikeLebovitz) joins Hank and Kenny on the podcast #withmydick to discuss the hashtag that swept the country (of Chicago) and the joy it brought to trillions of people. Other topics include women's facesKenny performs with and is inspired by Nikki Glazer, when poo becomes food. Museum of science and industry, a flask causes fleeing, how Mike got his start doing stand up, corporate restrictions on comedy shows, working clean and/or offensive, Hank's epic Larry the Cable Guy Joke and overcoming barriers. Oh, and butt tampons come up a lot. Please listen to this #withyourdick

Out-of-context quote:

"Woah, there's another nerd on the Internet? That's weird."

"Give us another thought you're having about something"
Direct download: 2012.01.19_WL_076_-_WithMyDick_with_Mike_Lebovitz.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 6:24am PST

Episode 076 - #WithMyDick with Mike Lebovitz

Comedian and Twitter God Mike Lebovitz (@MikeLebovitz) joins Hank (@Hank_Thompson) and Kenny (@KennyDeForest) on the podcast #withmydick to discuss the hashtag that swept the nation (of Chicago) and the joy it brought to trillions of people. Other topics include women's faces, Kenny performs with and gets inspired by headliner Nikki Glazer, when poo becomes food, the boring Museum of science and industry, a flask causes fleeing, how Mike got his start doing stand up, corporate restrictions on comedy shows, working clean and/or offensive, Hank's epic Larry the Cable Guy Joke, the generosity of Louis CK. Oh, and butt tampons. It's one of the best podcasts I've ever done #withmydick.
out-of-context quotes:

"Woah, there's another nerd on the Internet? That's weird."

"Give us another thought you're having about something"

Category:Podcast -- posted at: 6:14am PST

Episode 075 - Wreck Loose with Mike Stanley

Comedian Mike Stanley (@MikeStanley1) returns to the podcast. Topics include: the agony of doing road radio, a marriage by a Vegas wizard?, do airplanes have keys?, stopping or quitting drinking, weight loss and three hour workouts, Mike's harrowing/interesting/crazy brown recluse spider experience, Hank's seven day Migraine, Jeff's never experienced pain, Goals for oh-twelve, NEWS: When train accidents go bad, favorite movies of 2011, this, that, other things. VERY FUN episode. 

out of context quotes:

"Had that thing been floral print he would have been pining for cheesecake on the couch."

"It's never comfortable when you're naked if you know someone might be coming by."


Keep to up-to-date with Mike on his website:

Get tickets for Jeff's hot Saturday show:

See whatever bullshit Hank's been up to:

Direct download: 2012.01.16_WL_075_-_Wreck_Loose_with_Mike_Stanley.mp3
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Comedian and former co-host Joe Fernandez joins Hank on the podcast. the magic of Magic, Hank practices flair opening Criss Angel Mindfreak cards, power in relationships, SKIT: The Penguin goes custom umbrella shopping, to kiss or not to kiss post-BJ, how scary movies can only be watched with a babe, ROMANTIC FANTASIES leads to some heartfelt soul-searching from Joe, do women really know what happens at Bachelor Parties?, a giant at a funeral in North Korea, stand up comedy goals, Joe's trip to London, cashier interactions, volunteering, Penn State, and a polite discussion on arguing, YFF's latest depressing sketch. You'll love it!

out-of-context quote:

"You're the spoon. She's the milk."
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Direct download: 2012.01.12_WL_074_-_Sounding_Effective_with_Joe_Fernandez.mp3
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Bill's locks are grey with love, La Croix is La Crap, blues clues cuts deep, free soda etiquette, the story of Lane being cheered off the stage at Schubas, religion and bits and when family gives you both, the age-old question: finger-painting or finger-banging- Bob Ross weighs in, the history and methodology behind Bill Cruz's F*CK LIST, crazy zombie film boner dream, watching scary movies and shows alone like Paranormal Activity and American Horror Story, fake blood tips, Bill wrote for the Anthology "Out on the Edge". Plus mouthfuls of other words.

Out of context quotes:

"This year's Christmas was my family's 9/11. Never again!"

"I didn't say I didn't like it. But I don't."

"That's my plug. I've just been combing my hair recently. You should check it out."


Bill's prestigious Top Ten List of Comics he'd Like to F*CK in 2012 on the Chicago comedy scene site:

Lane's group: Your Funniest Friends

Hank's website: Suck Professor

Direct download: 2012.01.09_WL_073_-_F--K_LIST_with_Bill_Cruz_and_Lane_Pieschel.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 9:22am PST

Episode 072 - Grape Jokes with Eliot Rahal

Comedian and looker Eliot Rahal joins Hank on the podcast-- First sets, the lameness of grape jokes, uncomfortable eye contact, Jurassic Park 2 might be fake, Elliot was a wrestler!? A shot-putter!?, fencing, Eliot meets the iocane powder guy, World of Warcraft and addiction, Eliot's old OCD cat, penis evolution and other crazy animal talk, Bizarre Foods, Religion talk: Under the Banner of Heaven and the world's longest game of telephone, humblebrags. Not discussed: comic books. 

out of context quotes:

"Dinosaurs love pipes."

"You can work out when you're dead."


Eliot is a cast member at The Lincoln Lodge

Follow Hank on Twitter. Or read his blog for some reason.


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Direct download: 2012.01.05_WL_072_-_Eliot_Rahal.mp3
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Episode 071 - Zany Daze PART 2 with Matt Riggs and Jeff Steinbrunner

PART 2- The 2nd half of our conversation with comedian and podcaster Matt Riggs (@MattRiggs) and (@JSteinbrunner) we discuss getting better at stand up comedy, Matt's split with his previous podcasting partner, drunks at open mics, sushi abuse and wasted food, improving jokes, the scourge of handshaking, Matt entertained Julia his first doing stand up, how and why comedy stories, YFF's new show at the Joynt, a funny story about Rise at the Pizza Film Festival, Hank gets weirdly excited about behind the scenes videos of The Hobbit, and 3D filmmaking "explained." Plus a ton more. Listen up, you!

out of context quotes:

"Cause the judge can't see ear bruises."

"I do. That's why it shouldn't be gross."


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PART1- Comedian & newest Friend Matt Riggs joins Hank and Jeff on the podcast. Listen to: Hank's Zanies recap, the wonders and blunders of padded toilet seats, sleeping nekid, In Living Color auditions are in town, will the new Laugh Factory make it?, World's most famous heights according to google, SEGMENT: SET LIST POETRY, we share our most desired places to have sex and Jeff regales us with a tale about a booking request gone wrong.

out of context quote:

"Good day, Surge!"


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Direct download: 2011.12.29_WL_070_-_Zany_Daze_with_Matt_Riggs_and_Jeff_Steinbrunner.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 8:41am PST

Happy Fuggin' Holidays, Everybody! Comedians Matty Ryan (@Matty_Ryan) and Kevin Lee (@CaptchaArtist) join Hank on the podcast. Matty recently spent 2 or 3 months in Vietnam/Cambodia/Laos and Kevin recently moved to LA. Hear us talk about the beds and toilets in Asia, Matty sleeps with a Cambodian man, crazy ass rat stories, creepy sex tourists, Kevin attended a Conan taping, SEGMENT: SET LIST POETRY, voicemails from Hank's dad with joke suggestions, Joe Piscapo, cougar bars, eye contact with pets during sex, a truly horrific restaurant in Asia and eating a still-beating cobra heart. Very fun show. We laughed. You will too.

out of context quotes:

"And I'm almost fat enough to have a third strike against me."

"My turds are walking!"

Thank you for your listenership. 2011 was a great year and 2012 will also be great. Great great great.

Direct download: 2011.12.24_WL_069_-_Matty_Ryan_and_Kevin_Lee.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 11:34am PST

Comedian and Reena Calm joins Hank and Joe on the podcast. Topics include the open mic Reena runs (3 Dead Moose, Sundays 9pm), Hank's calf encounters a dog tooth, Reena's awkward encounters with her neighbors, how dating is deflating, Second City's writing program, Reena's nightmare gig at a law firm's Xmas party, Show Talk: American Horror Story, Joe finds a dead cat and other fun, Pigpen's home life, porn is horrible except when not, Israel, Marc Maron, and Hank's failed pick up of a babe. Plus more! Thank you.

out of context quotes:

"...the one that makes sure you don't have schmutz on your face."

"Then I sniffed it and it smelled like my dinner."

"Purim? Damn near killed 'em!"

Special holiday message to all the listeners: Happy Holidays.

Direct download: 2011.12.18_WL_068_-_Reena_Calm.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 3:36pm PST

Episode 067 - New York New York with Simmons McDavid

Comedian and guy Simmons McDavid joins Hank on the podcast to discuss Simmons's experience with the New York comedy scene, mistakes he made after getting too drunk hosting an open mic, the importance of polish, Hank defiles the Three Stooges trailer, the truth about the Mona Lisa, blankies, Simmons lost the Cleveland Comedy Fest, pizza movie talk, where to get live crabs, a news story about the dangers of walking into a moving propeller, and Simmons sees a crazy bolo man.

out of context quote:

" I'm stuck in a purgatory of sincerity or something."

Watch Hank's short film, Rise, on Vimeo.

Direct download: 2011.12.03_WL_066_-_New_York_New_York_with_Simmons_McDavid.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 4:11pm PST

Episode 066 - To the Point with Dan Friesen

Comedian and podcaster Dan Friesen (@friesenpoint) joins Hank (@Hank_Thompson) on the podcast. Topics include bee sting stories, Hank's nervous performance at Laughing Liberally, the beer of champagne, RISE - the short film starring Hank Thompson and Jeff Steinbrunner, finding your path in life, Hank recommends another guy's podcast, Dan's podcast The Friesen Point and a story about a guy mistakenly diagnosed as being in a coma leads to Hank's terrible choice for a date movie.

out of context quote:

"It's not a soul patch if it's surrounded by beard."

If you enjoy the show please leave a positive review on iTunes. Thanks!

Direct download: 2011.12.03_WL_066_-_To_The_Point_with_Dan_Friesen.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 2:33pm PST

Episode 065 - Mikey Manker

Comedian Mikey Manker joins Hank on the podcast to talk skydiving, the pronunciation of "Boba Fett," Jaba's babes, Julia Childs, how Mikey's album (Beg, Borrow and Steal) broke the top 20 on iTunes, how to handle negativity, audio from Hank's debut set at Jokes N' Notes, Hank profiles Mikey FBI style, sexy sex moves and then decapitation and sharks make the news in a new segment called, "News" or whatever. Great fun show now! Listen!

out of context quote:

"Gravity's the same no matter where you go."

Get Mikey's Album, Beg, Borrow & Steal on iTunes

Direct download: 2011.11.06_WL_065_-_Mikey_Manker.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 4:33pm PST

Episode 064 - Mike Joyce

Comedian Mike Joyce joins Hank and Joe on the podcast to discuss sweetening comedy cds, Mike's recent marriage, proposal techniques, tweets of an anthill, Lotties vs the rest, Joe's ho woes, Benicio Del Toro, crappy jobs in telemarketing, Mike sells a radio ad to Hank's Pizzeria, a round of DALAI LAMA OR PORNSTAR.

out of context quote:

"Well, Don Rickles was an exceptional dad so do the math on that Inception riddle."

Direct download: 2011.11.01_WL_064_-_Mike_Joyce.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 4:06pm PST

Episode 063 - Mike Stanley

Comedian Mike Stanley joined Hank and Jeff on the podcast to discuss Mike's shirt, small-crowd dynamics, Mike's disappointing experience at the San Francisco Comedy Festival, the politics of club proximity, ye olde Lakeshore Theatre, making short films, "Salty Language, Peppered Morals", the World Series of Huh?, Infrequency, parallelogram writing, giving up vicey drinks and Hank shares a dishwashing tip with the listeners. Funny, interesting and informative. Listen, today!

out of context quotes:

"It's like having people paint against each other."

"You can't have a huge Cash and a tiny Elvis!"

Direct download: 2011.10.24_WL_063_-_Mike_Stanley.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 9:23am PST

Episode 062 - GoonTube with Joe M and Joe F

Sithlords Joe McAdam and Joe Fernandez join Hank on the podcast to discuss blackface, Hank's drive across the country, themed restaurants gone wrong, Gary Sinese's niece, Joe F's trip to Vegas for a comedy competition, Joe M got some wedding booty, trucker sex, delivery vs material and Hank reads YouTube comments sent to him from angry fans of Multi Talented Star. HAMMMBURGER!

out of context quote:

"I said bananers. I meant bananers."

Direct download: 2011.10.17_WL_062_-_GoonTube_with_Joe_M_and_Joe_F.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 8:53am PST

Episode 061 - David Drake

Comedian David Drake joins Hank and Joe on the podcast to discuss water birth, Hank's encounter with a homeless guy, Game of Thrones, how David became a veterinarian in Thailand, another round of the DALAI LAMA OR PORNSTAR game!, Drake on Drake on Drake and then we get serious and solve politics. Super fun show. Listen, today!

out of context quote:

"Harrison Ford, look it up."

Direct download: 2011.10.10_WL_061_-_David_Drake.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 9:02am PST

Episode 060 - Mike Sheehan

Comedian Mike Sheehan joins Hank and Jeff to discuss how Hank met Eddie Peppitone, car-jacking and the origin of the name "Winners and Losers", the woes and hoes of dating, the business of podcasting and Jeff's crazy plans to use his legs more. Super fun show. Magical, almost. Listen!

out of context quote:

"You ever seen a hippo drunk?"

Direct download: 2011.10.02_WL_060_-_Mike_Sheehan.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 10:51am PST

Episode 059 - Timmy Brochu

Comedian and podcaster Timothy "Timmy" Brochu joins Hank and Joe on the podcast to discuss Hank's sunburnt arms because of stupidity, albino gorillas, where Timmy's from and other cliches, a randy deer skeleton prank, killing animal stories, Timmy's start in Maine/Boston and his journey to Chicago, when good booking goes bad, Joe fills us in on the cancellation of the hit show the Late Live Show, Dumbbell's from wound, Timmy's "marriage" and how he met his mother-in-law, and Joe's marriage.

out of context quotes:

"Women are f*cking different than men. Can we talk about that?"

"F*ck sleeves!"

Leave us a review on iTunes! Or just simply thanks for listening, ya sexy handsome whoever you are.

Direct download: 2011.09.21_WL_059_-_Timmy_Brochu.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 9:13pm PST

Episode 058 - Kenny DeForest & Joe Fernandez

Comedians Kenny DeForest and Joe Fernandez on the podcast for a discussion about Joe's podcast goal, eye contact at comedy shows, a recap of Kenny's show that Hank did in Missouri and all the crazy shit Joe has seen lately. Plus another revealing round of ROMANTIC FANTASIES. Also a bunch of talk about funerals and conspiracies or some shit. Check it out!

out of context quote:

"You did it! That was it!"

Direct download: 2011.09.04_WL_058_-_Kenny_DeForest_and_Joe_Fernandez.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 1:12pm PST

Comedian and podcaster Collin Bullock joins Hank and Jeff on the show to discuss what we would be if we could be any one profession for a year and then we take Collin apart and reassemble him in an effort to figure out just what the f*ck is up with him. Things get interesting and honest and still stays funny. Listen today!

out of context quote:

"Suddenly Zuckerberg is getting his tentacles into your dementia."

Direct download: 2011.08.31_WL_057_-_Collin_Bullock.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 7:59am PST

Episode 056 - Adam Burke and Will Miles

Comedians Adam Burke and Will Miles join Hank on the podcast to discuss their recent week of feature work at Zanies, heckler stories, the origin of Adam's mysterious accent, Hank's declaration of war on his farmer's tan, getting comedy advice from other people, Will's experience being a contestant on a dating show and we figure out the various words used to describe women. This episode is hot and stunning! Please listen.

out of context quote:

"I was worried a bug would land on my nipple."

Direct download: 2011.08.19_WL_056_-_Adam_Burke__Will_Miles.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 7:10am PST

Episode 055 - Ken Barnard

Comedian and tall Ken Barnard joins Hank and Joe on the podcast to discuss his move to LA, scary factories, and wizard of oz revelations. Then Joe helps us understand Catcher in the Rye before we go deep on the role of love in sex and enjoy another insightful round of America's Favorite Segment, ROMANTIC FANTASIES. Then some improv talk, the old clown vs priest debate and getting nookie at a wedding. Plus much much more. Please, listen.

out of context quote:

"Sounds like Rosie O'Donnell produced it."

Don't forget to leave a positive review on iTunes for us. Takes a few minutes and it counts as your good deed for the month.


Ken Barnard's website and Twitter: @KenBarnard

Joe Fernandez's website and Twitter: @JoeFernandez

Hank Thompson's website and Twitter: @Hank_Thompson

Direct download: 2011.08.14_WL_055_-_Ken_Barnard.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 3:16pm PST

Episode 054 - Matt Riggs

Comedian, podcaster and real-life Grimace, Matt Riggs, joins Hank and Joe on the podcast to discuss the butts of smoking, the biggest trick in the bible, hilarious rollercoaster tragedies and Matt's experience working at a theme park. Hank FACT CHECK's headbanging with a bird, women's fashion gets a thorough examination as well as Fashion Do's and Don'ts for the Office and new segment ROMANTIC FANTASIES leads to hilarious and interesting stories like when Joe chased after... plus more! And more!

out of context quote:

"I did get to yell at a spitter."

If you like the show please leave a positive review on iTunes. Thanks!

Check out these links:

Jessie and Matt's Podcast

Joe Fernandez'z Website

Suck Professor (Hank's blog)

Direct download: 2011.08.10_WL_054_-_Matt_Riggs.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 7:06am PST

Episode 053 - David Mascorro

Comedian David Mascorro joins Hank and Kenny on the podcast. Kenny tells the story of a weird day at work, then after we take a look at history we fix the future for all humanity while discussing politics, conspiracies and the futility of war. Also there's peepee talk to keep you interested.

out of context quote:

"It'd be like if a peach had a mohawk."

Follow Hank on Twitter: @Hank_Thompson

Direct download: 2011.08.03_WL_053_-_David_Mascorro.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 8:57am PST

Episode 052 - Jesse Baltest Part 2

Comedian Jesse Baltes joins Hank and Joe for Part 2 of the podcast to discuss murder and romantic fantasies.

out of context quote:

"I have romantic fantasies."

Direct download: 2011.07.23_WL_052_-_Jess_Baltes_Part_2.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 8:22am PST

Episode 051 - Jesse Baltes Part 1

Comedian Jesse Baltes joins Hank and Joe on the podcast to talk about giving tours around chicago, vitamins/propaganda for hearts, circumcision, the origins of protestantism, Count Chocula's Classic Conundrums and the morality of murder. One of our most hilarious and philsophical episodes yet. This is Part 1 of a 2 part episode. Really fun show.

out of context quote:

"The world can only have one devil."

Direct download: 2011.07.21_WL_051_-_Jess_Baltes_Part_1.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 9:25am PST

Episode 050 - Dan Friesen

Comedian and podcaster Dan Friesen joins Hank and Joe on the podcast. They discuss the Internet sensation Dorota the 'Multi Talented Star,' missouri meth culture, octopuss anatomy and then they argue about smoking. Plus a whole lot more. Listen now!

out of context quotes:

"Smoke a nicotine patch! SMOKE A NICOTINE PATCH!"

"Nicotine patch adams."

Dan's Podcast: The Symposium Podcast

Joe's Website:

Read more about Multi Talented Star at

Direct download: 2011.07.15_WL_050_-_Dan_Friesen.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 8:04am PST

Episode 049 - Simmons McDavid Loves New York

Comedian Simmons McDavid joins Hank and Jeff on the podcast. They discuss emotional eating, Simmons' impending move to New York, the church of Chick-Fil-A, the evils of the brown cowbird, how Jeff and Simmons are wrong about Hank's teeth, and that Simmons fighting days are (hopefully) over. Plus a whole bunch more.

out of context quotes:

"Jeff, what do you do when you feel sad?"

"I hope you find someone to keep you from getting jumped in New York."

Direct download: 2011.07.07_WL_049_-_Simmons_McDavid_Loves_New_York.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 11:39am PST

Episode 048 - Marty DeRosa

Comedian Marty DeRosa joins Hank and Lauren on the podcast. We discuss making yourself laugh, flaccid weinies, Hank's stance against Facebook birthdays, Marty and Lauren hatch an evil plan, Red Shoe Diaries, porn categories, Lauren's HDM (Head Don't Match) problem, the dangers of veganism, ankle sexiness and more than our heads can remember.

out context quote:

"I've had a large head my whole life."

Direct download: 2011.07.04_WL_048_-_Marty_DeRosa.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 2:25pm PST

Episode 047 - Cameron Gillette

Comedian Cameron Gillette joins Hank and Jeff on the podcast. We discuss the true cause of the civil war, Cameron's childhood as a child in the South, Hank's brief stint informing the public about Louisiana, how Cameron and Jeff met online, end of the world theories, Hank shares a tip for tea drinkers and how Cameron got the sexy scar on his chin from a bike crash.

out of context quote:

"Star Search SG-1, idiot."

Direct download: 2011.06.13_WandL_047_-_Cameron_Gillette.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 11:02am PST

Episode 046 - Mike Lebovitz

Comedian Mike Lebovitz joins Hank and Jeff on the podcast. We discussed movie believability, sex and violence in media and culture and we argue about whether or not overall human suffering has gone up or down. Plus a whole lot more stuff I don't have time to list. Mike is a member of the Comedians You Should Know and is one of the funniest comedians working in Chicago, not to mention all around nice and hairy guy.

out of context quote:

"He's not like The Wiggles. The Wiggles are the worst offenders."

Direct download: 2011.06.09_WandL_046_-_Mike_Lebovitz.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 12:25pm PST

Episode 045 - Gnatatouille

Comedians Kenny DeForest, Joe McAdam and Hank Thompson do a podcast.

Drunk tweettinnbng, comedian apartment, comedy club climbing, Kenny update, Benny Hill, stink lines, comedy and drinking and the burden of adulthood, free time and day jobs, Evernote, Hank gets ticked off, Gnatatouille, Macho Man pinned forever by death, a very sad nursing home story, compression of morbidity, Joe's worries about cloning, Hank's butt policy, a big tornado kills a bunch of people, audience expectations, comedy and music, Hank's encounters a new nemesis: an intelligent little girl, Apocalypse Hoboken's snappy joke, vegetable-eating tips, FACT CHECK: baldness amongst the races, skin-whitening in India, egg toofs, and more and more for your ears.

out of context quotes:

"What am I? Not a citizen of Rome?"

"Why am I doing this? This is terrible podcasting."

Direct download: 2011.06.01_WandL_045_-_Gnatatouille.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 8:17am PST

Episode 044 - Charlie Bury

Comedian and guy Charlie Bury joins Hank and Jeff on the podcast.

Diesel and the Goose and stupid sports radio, Hank the Attack Dog and Jeff the Snoose Packet, Women and Dwarves, Getting the Swagger out: the true crime story: Sundays ARE a thang, Cotter Smith and the Nightcrawler, jovial, an accolade keeps the Charlie away, Hank was Edmund again, Turkish Delight, podcast mania, fat jokes, tit-pinching, Hank stitches together a new joke, audio from the pepper spray incident at Will's North Woods Inn open mic, Hunter Bragadochio host DALAI LAMA OR PORNSTAR!, grooming habits and shower talk, Game of Thrones, Jeff reckons improv is alright.

out of context quotes:

"Theater people are fucking bizarre."

"Where do you go where you see elderly Samoans?"

Direct download: 2011.05.19_WandL_044_-_Charlie_Bury.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 12:09pm PST

Episode 043 - Ben Bergman

Comedian Ben Bergman joins Hank and Joe Fernandez on the podcast.

jam causers, getting to know Bergman, Indian chick schtick, swimming, a straw of water almost gets Joe punched in the face by Hank, bullying, violence sucks, gypsy talk, killing your own food, Hank and his dad fight a muskrat, death penalty, assisted suicide, Jaws vs CGI, Ben puts Italians in the past, dating why? purpose of marriage, arguments for god, The Road, bad first date movies, cuddle snacks, Amerigo who?, where not to put hot sauce, the afterlife: what about it?, STORM by Tim Minchin, Catholics come home, celibacy? More like celispicy! Lots of discussion and tons of fun for your ears.

Direct download: 2011.05.14_WandL_043_-_Ben_Bergman.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 9:48am PST

Episode 042 - Joe Kwaczala

Comedian Joe Kwaczala joins Hank and Joe on the podcast.

A fun night makes for a bad day, swollen uvula, the f*ck saw guy was on the Late Live Show, too big to bath, live sex demonstration at Northwestern makes national headlines, Hank's id finds it's way home, upside down baby, Joe comes from Pittsburg and Catholics, Notre Dame, M Night Shyamalan gets the business, anime, Hank does a new impression, critical thinking and the bible, church boredom, was Jesus a virgin?, ribs make you sleepy, Joe majored in studio art whatever that is, first-timer friend follies, Joe finds an old banana in his sportcoat, fruits Joe hasn't eaten, My Kid Could Paint That, Hank's Dad Could Paint That, the absurdity of tradition.

out of context quotes:

"Every backyard has hostas."

Direct download: 2011.05.09_WandL_042_-_Joe_Kwaczala.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 3:45pm PST

Episode 041 - Thems Fightin' Words

Comedians Bill Cruz and Joe Fernandez join Hank on the podcast.

A busy few weeks, horse whispering, those new Miller Lite commercials, tshirts, Hank has a pregnant pause at the deli counter, the spanking habits of straights and gays, Bill's weekend at Comedy Club on State, tipping the staff, Joe's new job has learned him a lot of facts about Chicago, Kennedy family troubles, A PLAY: starring Joe Fernandez and Bill Cruz written by Hank Thompson, Hank gets pissed off at Joe about the play, late nights in Milwaukee living the dream, Bill almost became a professional air hockey guy (seriously), "gay people" IS funny. And more and more.

out of context quote:

"I don't know why I'm talking about this now."

Direct download: 2011.05.06_WandL_041_-_Thems_Fightin_Words.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 9:07am PST

Episode 040 - Springtime Fun with Ricky Gonzalez and Joe McAdam

Comedians Ricky Gonzalez and Joe McAdam join Hank for some some springtime fun on the podcast.

Walker stories, well dogs, do fish grow to the size of the tank? Hank explains, stories from the Oakwood, people's perceptions of standup comedy, heckler moments, Joe and his fiancee have a bad day, emotions of dreams, hotel vomiting, hors d'oeuvres? more like more d'oeuvres!, fat chicks in party hats, butt plug design, Ricky gets into SNUBFest, The Adventures of a Private Dick Named Me, Late Live Show, Ricky went nerd-watching at C2E2, interviewing dumb high school kids, the first time Hank found pleasure in his peepee, gangbangs are community events, Hank does a 5K maybe, getting old: video games or cigarettes?, politician fists, a message for JK Rowling, and more. More more more!

out of context quotes:

"Tiny foods are very deceptive."

"Hornswaggle's pretty sweet."

Direct download: 2011.04.19_WandL_040_-_Spring_Fun_with_Ricky_G_and_Joe_M.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 5:28pm PST

Episode 039 - Monte LaMonte

Actor and comedian Monte LaMonte joins Hank and Jeff on the podcast.


Really fun show! Monte’s been performing in Chicago a long time, Monte’s role in Road to Perdition with Jude Law, celebrity bridge burning, how residuals work in commercial acting, the story of Monte’s US Cellular commercial and the aftermath, Jeff’s gross tongue, a beef with Bill Cruz at poker, Monte’s first crush goes downs, Controversy at D&D: a Treasure Chest of Drama: Nerds Being Babies: the Truth Behind the Dungeon, caring is NOT sharing, Essay Fiesta, a drunk couple across the street wets a few knuckles, prostitutes: their roles in our lives and cameras, prostitute prices in Amsterdam, Monte may or may not get back into stand up, Renaissance Fair orgies, wife luck, Monte’s food blog and show, Monte was on an episode of Check Please. And gallons more!

out of context quote:


Direct download: 2011.04.09_WandL_039_-_Monte_LaMonte.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 10:53am PST

Episode 038 - Megan Gailey

Comedian Megan Gailey joins Joe and Hank on the podcast.

Our experiences touching fake boobs, is ping pong for poor people?, the Castrati, pornsurfing and how nice the house in porn are, Megan has a thing for people who have a thing for balloons, First Encounters of the Megan Kind, Megan's origins: escaping the clam, reality shows, marrying drivers and other reasons to attend a car race, Joe's upcoming high school reunion, a jet ski explosion, glitter hitler stache, 31/m/chicago cyber?, crypt-keeper tales, Keanu Reeves, drunken Indian stories in Canada, building up a full charge, it's scary getting scared, YFF had a show, Megan doesn't hover and she's peed into a urinal, fashion in the hoodie, Joe reads fan mail defending dickfarter, being single as a performer

out of context quote:

"Hatred is the easy part of being human."

Direct download: 2011.04.02_WandL_038_-_Megan_Gailey.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 8:57am PST

Episode 037 - Simmons McDavid & Mike Joyce

Comedians Simmons McDavid and Mike Joyce join Hank on the podcast

Mike runs an open mic called Rathskellar, we find out what the hell that is, not Wilford Brimley, tumblr porn, female anatomy, diaries, sinks and butts, performing in front of people you know is... you know..., are comics good at speeches?, Churchill quotes, SCIENCE CORNER with Hank: fat monkeys, Simmons the wizard, running a show talk: an insider's view, Joyce describes how Bootleg Comedy died, Phantom of the Club Owner, Laugh Factory Talk, Zanies and what is clean, should you be drunk during headshots, Joyce finds a relic from the old pizza film days, South Park for the win, quitting drinking, duck hunt, video games vs productivity, damn the HAM, last time we cried, and more! (lots more!)

out of context quote:

"No one can do it but me; I'm like the Biff of that."

Direct download: 2011.03.31_WandL_037_-_Simmons_McDavid__Mike_Joyce.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 7:41am PST

Episode 036 - Matt Ruby

New York-based comedian Matt Ruby joins Hank and Joe M on the podcast.

Matt blogs at, new guys!, we shake our heads at handshaking, We're All Friends Here podcast, NY and Chicago- Matt has scene 'em both, soap sliver solutions and Matt's relationship with his father, truth and funnyness, Joe encounters an old man who seems to like him, laid because of comedy maybe?, naming a show, Jewish foodish, break up talk, Hank gives advice to Matt and Joe on the overwhelming terribleness that is going bald, rats love lady cave-holes, Hank fights an Irish Possum, NY stand up comedy rooms, what Matt learned on his trip to Vietnam, Jews: not really into hunting, dizziness is the ultimate gateway drug. And more!

out of context quote:

"This gefilte fish thing, though, this trend has got to go."

Direct download: 2011.03.22_WandL_036_-_Matt_Ruby.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 8:32am PST

Comedians Joe Fernandez and Lane 3.14schel help Hank bring things full circle on the podcast.

Lane's hair is its own product, Irish Day and Hank's hatred for stickers, Joe tells a shocking sticker shock story, sandwich sandwhat?, Diane Lane is hot and other women who made it onto a list, hilarious printer story, COBY not SONY, 3.14 song, why people think heckling is okay, Hank's thighs are so sore..., secrets of the inner thigh, technology, Joe's teen improv was a real creepfest not really, wrong way to sext, timid finishing moves, the origins of Dickfarter and Moby Dick.

out of context quotes:

"Who heckles at a book reading?"

"I wouldn't want to chip my tooth on a toe ring."


Direct download: 2011.03.20_WandL_035_-_Full_Circle_with_Joe_F_and_Lane_P.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 10:30am PST

Episode 034 - John Roy

Comedian John Roy joins Hank and Jeff on the podcast.

John helps Hank find a new level of failure, developing a set for late night television, CARMONA!!!, club sets, worst open mic in the world, impressions are impressive, Roy's favorite place's to play, stagehaps and mishaps, John Fox was a fox, John tells about life on The Road, pre-show thought process, being grately, people respect comedians way too much!, public speaking fear, John went to Loyola, deleted comics, when to quit? assassin passion, pizza break!, the worst bouncer at the worst bar (Hye Bar), does a comic going on morning radio help move tickets?, the weapons of DOOM, and more.

out of context quote:

"Our listeners should watch that instead of listening to this"


John Roy's website

Direct download: 2011.03.14_WandL_034_-_John_Roy.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 10:40am PST

Episode 033 - Kenny DeForest

Comedian Kenny DeForest joins Hank and Jeff on the podcast.

Epic show! Drury is a college, red box? more like shit box, Hank invents a new sex position, Kenny's comedy start, noodling, shows in Missouri, Four Loko is mooey loco, measuring time in sets or time, baldness and other hilarious disabilities, another gift?, the what what on comedic confidence, Hank tells of his visit to Narnia, first time on stage, Religion: what's the deal?, another canister of Four Loko, 9/11 arguments, Falling asleep ain't easy for brains, why do women have to be so womenly, mannequins, IO experience, world without women, comic book talk blah blah blah, where we wanna be in 5 years, and a lot of drunken but interesting and hilarious talk about comedy. 2.5 hours. Don't miss a single second!

out of context quotes:

"I would think that having aligators coming after you while you're in quicksand is kinda dangerous."

"The most important thing is, clearly, no one in this room is educated enough on this topic to make any comment on it."

"You're the tallest podcaster in Chicago."

Direct download: 2011.03.06_WandL_033_-_Kenny_DeForest.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 9:26am PST

Episode 032 - Brandon Wetherbee

Talk show host and podcaster Brandon Wetherbee joins Hank and Jeff on the podcast.

Brandon runs You Me Them Everybody, his recent move to DC and life there, rubberband cheek wrestler guy?, being hot makes it okay to destroy science, politics personality types, mics Hank lics, Coles is great, Bathroom Divas, stand up don't get no respect, music awareness, no show notes? fo sho, interviewing musicians, Funny People, Brandon went to Catholic school with the sluts, podcast plans and the shame of ambition, Jeff's encounters with the Amish, rubberband guy solve: Captain Lou Albano!, nipsters, talk show talk, a Gervais disagreement, and lots lots lots lots more.

out of context quote:

"Do you guys have family that's older than you?"

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Episode 031 - SnowCast-A-Thon 2000 - Joe Fernandez, Brendan McGowan

Comedians Joe Fernandez and Brendan McGowan join Hank on a special Winners and Losers Podcast.

This is part 6 of the SnowCast-A-Thon 2000. Recorded between 5am and 6:30am this is the final segment of the SnowCast, making it a 12-hour marathon show. Joe was a little worn out but still managed to contribute greatly to the discussion. After he departs, Brendan and Hank discuss comedy and other shit with the kind of eloquence and intelligence that defies their drunken and exhausted mental state. Still funny, though. Back to regular shows soon.

Episode 030 - SnowCast-A-Thon 2000 - Part 5 - Liza Treyger, Kenny DeForest

Comedians Liza Treyger and Kenny DeForest join Hank on a special Winners and Losers Podcast.

This is part 5 of the SnowCast-A-Thon 2000. Making their second appearance on the SnowCast are Liza Treyger and Kenny DeForest, adding their unique and funny perspectives between the hours of 3am and 5am. We chat about everything, which is shorthand for saying Hank doesn't have time to listen to the entire 2 hours right now. Whatever we talk about it you can bet it's drunken, hilarious and unprofessional. This is hours 7 or 8 or 9 or something of the SnowCast. Enjoy.

Episode 029 - SnowCast-A-Thon 2000 - Part 4 - Jeff Steinbrunner, Brendan McGowan

Comedians Jeff Steinbrunner and Brendan McGowan join Hank on a special Winners and Losers Podcast.

This is part 4 of the SnowCast-A-Thon 2000. Brendan McGowan steps in for his second shift during the marathon and we welcome Jeff Steinbrunner to the mic. After we spend way too much time arguing about whether or not logic is a good thing we shotgun beers. Tons of other hilarious shit. This is hour 6 or 7 or whatever of the SnowCast-A-Thon. All of us are tall. Listen to it now!

Episode 028 - SnowCast-A-Thon 2000 - Part 3 - Bill Cruz, Ryan Walker

Comedians Bill Cruz and Ryan Walker join Hank on a special Winners and Losers podcast.

This is part 3 of the SnowCast-A-Thon 2000. Ryan Walker gets back on the mic but Bill Cruz steps up in only the way he can. Bill shares red bar roast secrets and then describes the process of how cows are butchered in Colorado. Fascinating stuff. This is hour 5 or 6 in the Snowcast so Hank is starting to get drunk and tired. Tons of laughs. And many more hours to come.

Episode 027 - SnowCast-A-Thon 2000 - Part 2 - Brendan McGowan, Kenny DeForest, Joe McAdam, Ricky Gonzalez

Comedians Brendan McGowan, Kenny DeForest, Joe McAdam, and Ricky Gonzalez join Hank on a special Winners and Losers podcast.

This is part 2 of the SnowCast-A-Thon 2000. The fun sizzles and the beer flows and the snow continues to not melt. In the first half Brendan McGowan and Kenny DeForest are on mic discussing the challenges of being tall and hilarious and in the second half Joe McAdam and Ricky Gonzalez take their turn slinging syllables. Listen in as we discuss every interesting topic known to man.

Episode 026 - SnowCast-A-Thon 2000 - Part 1 - Ryan Walker, Joe Fernandez, Liza Treyger

Comedians Ryan Walker, Joe Fernandez and Liza Treyger join Hank on a special Winners and Losers podcast.


This is part 1 of the SnowCast-A-Thon 2000. Because there's a whole bunch of snow on the ground, we felt it would be wrong to do an ordinary podcast. Instead, we did something sextraordinary-- a marathon podcast lasting close to twelve hours featuring numerous comedians telling stories of survival, beer and comedy. The mics were hot! The furnace was hotter! Too many topics to share. Listen now!

Episode 025 - Clark Jones

Comedian Clark Jones joins Joe McAdam and Hank on the podcast.

headphone-y, Clark's voice on, updates from the Lodge, crowd ethnicity: laughter doesn't have a color (sometimes), pizza's inventors, Zanies, east or west? North!, Clark tweets a mean tweet, Clark was dramatically economical at college, when a comedian becomes a comedian?, Joe brings a bottle of champagne, plussy pleating is for playas, Bernie Mac ain't afraid, a shocking fact about the Tonight Show, defense mechanisms are funny things, The Clark De Triomphe and other amazing puns, comedy talk, white popes be molesting, heaven talk, puppy mills: for or against?, Joe's marriage is blessed or is it?, no time to hate, AND LOTS LOTS MORE:

out of context quote:

"I mean, that's not skinny for a throat."

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Episode 024 - Matty Ryan - Part 2

Part 2 of of the podcast with comedian Matty Ryan.

After we solve racism and fix politics we share dirty disgusting sex stories until we run out of beer.

out of context quote:

"Neaqua, please!"

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Episode 023 - Matty Ryan - Part 1

Comedian Matty Ryan joins Joe and Hank on the podcast.

decoding hoes, bald spotting and the existence of karma, Matty as an Irish kid, cops and slobbers, women prefer men with status updates, Hank writes a NEW PLAY, Matty's start in comedy, jamming jams, improv and stand up and other insights, we debut a new sentence, Hank asks Tom Dreesen a stupid stupid question, Irish are good at being terrible.

out of context quote:

"Ghandi was a prick."

Note from Hank: This is part 1 of a 2 part show. We lost track of time and did almost 3 hours. Part 2 will be released in a few days.

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Episode 022 - Lauren Vino

Comedian Lauren Vino joins Jeff and Hank on the podcast.

bathing is for babies and Hank, Lauren's job is more than watching people pee, it's also a cutting above the rest, flacid wee-wees, FACT CHECK: Chinchillas!, fur coats, Vino is your pal, board game sex appeal, dating advice, crying in public, godless and god-ish comedians, Lauren's first few sets, first year doing stand up comedy, mormon makeout, another exciting round of DALAI LAMA OR PORNSTAR, what we love and hate about porno, the ins and outs of porn, does laughter belong in bed?, whiskey dickheads, Super Meat Boy, crying at movies, etc.

out of context quote:

"The biggest inhibitor to getting f*cked on the first date is showing the person who you are."

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Episode 021 - Mikey Manker

Comedian Mikey Manker joins Joe and Hank on the podcast.

Mikey's decision to leave Chicago, WW2 history comes alive at the Golden Gate Bridge, Futons, kleenex's and other things Mikey did while in San Francisco, Chinchilla coats actually exist, shotguns and gun talk, Cheesecake Factory is different in Cali, living the pringles lifestyle under the eyes of a vegan, cereal, Mikey's first set in SF and the open mic scene there, screwed up families are good for comedy, buried or cremated: is there a third choice?, Mikey gives Joe a heartpelt gift, Dinner for Sucks, horse weiner health, Oscar predictions not really, Panera, Golden Girls had the wrong name, shots fired at the Lincoln Lodge. AND MORE MORE MORE!

out of context quote:

"Nobody makes bird-related clothes."

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Episode 020 - Kristy Mangel and Michelle Peterson

RE:COM Magazine's Kristy Mangel and Michelle Peterson join Hank on the podcast.

sick show, all kinds of parties, shaving talk, asthma meds cause yeast infection, stomach escape strategies, plot of Deep Throat & vintage porn, Social Media is Neatia, wistreaming, dead birds story is capturing the imagination of a generation, no 'Dojo' quota, Marc Maron photos well and talks better, Bill Cruz wrote a list of comedians he'd like to damage for life, Natalie Klein or Patsy Jose?, words can be BIG and LONG, storytellers are... what's that word?, peepee and vava talk, Steve Martin ruins snobs' night, AND MORE. LOTS MORE

out of context quote:

"What ethnicity do you think Santa's maid is?"

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Red Bar Radio's Mike David joins Hank and Kenny DeForest on the podcast.

HUGE EPISODE. Mike David talks with us about his experience podcasting over the last 9 years and running a successful comedy club in Chicago. We had a great conversation and covered a lot of ground, TONS of great topics for comedy and podcasting fans, also another round of the famous "DALAI LAMA or PORNSTAR?" 2.5 hours of fun!

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Episode 018 - Little Esther

Comedian Esther Povitsky joins Jeff and Hank on the podcast.

Esther's dad is magical, twitter, hand-modeling tiny hands, being Little and being little, the Naughty Show, another round of DALAI LAMA or PORNSTAR (with bonus round), Hank defends bitchy hot chicks, Esther's decision to move to LA to pursue comedy, griffons aren't phoenixes, the LA comedy scene, counting sets, Esther on the Adam Carolla Show, Lada Ga who?, Joe Rogan report: awesome podcast, even awesomer guy, sexy sexy sarlacc, telling people you do comedy is a bad idea cause they're idiots, being a comedienne

out of context quote:

"Those hands would make a candy cane look huge!"


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Episode 017 - Jack Calhoun

Comedian Jack Calhoun joins Jeff and Hank on the podcast.

Jeff's anatomy, t-shirts for fats, Jack goes on TV as a fitness guy, Loft on Lincoln is a great and legal open mic, roofs and their effect on panties, Chicago's southern suburbs, wheelchair etiquette, Jack's apartment is huge and filled with crazy, crab names, Weeds open mic is comedy holocaust, Speak Easy is a comedy show that isnt zany, getting booked, bad shows, fliering is terrible, the timing of moving to LA or NY, adult swimming. AND MORE!

out of context quotes:

"Women like honesty. It's the only thing you need to remember to fake."

"How do fish know they like worms?"

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Episode 016 - Joe Fernandez

Comedian Joe Fernandez joins Hank and Joe McAdam on the podcast.

the pleasure of lady pleasure, blower technology and the physics of fat, Joe tries to have sex, he really tries, doubled-ended noodles, vending machine condoms, zombie dream, cuba, unicorn pimples, another round of DALAI LAMA OR PORNSTAR?, is it cool for Scientologists to celebrate Christmas?, Santa and other lies, gift giving, tribalism, heckler? more like schmeckler!, cobras and other types of pussies, egg birth vs live birth, deaf and blind stories, and LOTS LOTS MORE

out of context quotes:

"Just like Michael Douglas didn't want to be in the game in the movie The Game but it turned out he was in the game!"

"Boobies are genitals, aren't they?"

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Episode 015 - CJ Toledano

Comedian CJ Toledano joins Hank and Joe on the podcast.

CJ Toblerone is moving to LA to work for the Conan O'Brien show, Luke Russert steals jobs from minorities, Kenny DeForest, what the fuck does a script intern do, generic cigarettes, the genius of Gallagher, the Late Live Show, Hank reveals exclusive details of the next season of Sons of Anarchy, A NEW SEGMENT: Dalai Lama or Pornstar?, Hank does a heartfelt tribute to the late Ron Santo, Kenny DeForest, the movie BIG mislead children, CJ was a footballer and a filipino fashion man, the writing process for the Late Live Show, Hank explains how candles work. And more Kenny Deforest.

Note from Hank: Depending on how you listen to this, one of the voices may be slightly louder than the other two. If this bothers you, I'm sorry. If it doesn't, then thanks for listening. I'm probably over-analyzing what may or may not be a problem but my intention is to bring you the highest possible sound quality. The only problem is I don't know what I'm doing. But I'm learning. And I won't repeat mistakes. Also, you're damn good looking. Yeah, you. Right now. You're hot, whoever you are! Don't change a thing. Love ya!

out of context quotes:

"I know how to lick things, Hank!"

"Being fat is a disease of the mouth."

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Episode 014 - Ricky Carmona

Comedian Ricky Carmona joins Hank and Simmons on the podcast.

name confusion is confusing, growing up in Chicago, Harry Potter is for winners, Simmons tells a hilarious, terrifying and embarrassing story, Liver Failure, when dad's attack open mics, STD-testing on iPhones maybe, microphone technique takes practice, Hank gives advice to new comics because he is one, Simmons is done McDaviding himself, hip hop schmip hop, long sets vs short sets, SEGMENT: Simmons McDavid Reads a Pornstar's Blog, believing in Evil and other dumb questions, Star Trek: Voyager vs Next Generation vs Ricardo Montalban's Chest, Walking Dead has no brains, we all support women's empowerment, Hank and Ricky are titans of twitter and witans of witstream. AND MORE!

out of context quote:

"When did women stop being dames?"

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Episode 013 - Walking Dead Special

In this special edition of the Winners and Losers Show, Hank and Jeff Steinbrunner take on AMC's recent hit TV show, The Walking Dead.

SPOILER ALERT: We discuss the show in great detail so if you want to avoid spoilers do not listen to this episode. We only spoil up through episode 4 so go watch and then listen to this.

You don't have to be a fan of the Walking Dead to enjoy this show. In fact, you don't even have to know a single thing about it. As long as you have a brain and are a somewhat thinking person you'll find it worth your time.


out of context quote:





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Episode 012 - Derek Smith

Comedian Derek Smith joins Lane and Hank on the podcast.

the boys and their soft supple body hair, ROUS's are NOT a total myth, Columbo reads cosmopolitan, Derek adorably takes medicine not meds, getting diagnosed for ADD is harder than it should be, we spoil the plot of Old Yeller, Hank explains cd's, Lane's exciting pizza week, Derek started comedy in Oklahoma City, Derek makes money lubing up old people's feet, nursing homes should be outlawed, The Falsetto's, Derek does a podcast that doesn't suck.

out of context quote:

"This is why it's fucking genius... You don't need a doctor's note for diarrhea."

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Episode 011 - Bill Cruz

Comedian Bill Cruz joins Hank and Joe McAdam on the podcast.

Joe gets mauled by a pack of teens, measuring fat on kids, who/why/when Bill, Bill is certified gay, his origins in acting and comedy, everybody needs a gay neighbor, The Diary of Alf Frank, Bears not Bears, the true meaning of patriotism, Hank wrote a play starring Joe and Bill (A new feature on the show), cults and religions, Brigham Young is to Joseph Smith as Robin is to..., Lane Pieschel gets his just desserts, Hank and friends have a short film at the Pizza Film Fest, auditioning for Spike TV, Joe took a shit on a golf course and other lies, and more!

out of context quote:

"I dance a lot for a guy that hates dancing." (come out Tuesday, November 16th at the Hungry Brain, 2319 W Belmont, Chicago)

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Episode 010 - Drew Frees

Comedian Drew Frees joins Hank and Jeff on the podcast.

Waking up is hard to do, Hank offends Muslims, drunken texts, Trey Mowder is outer, man breaks a drum set with his head, Please Enjoy Yourself closes, Tamales! Tamales!, Comedy Club on State is heaven without all the dead people, Peyton Manning makes a great tshirt, comedy origins, Drew is married to a comedian's wife, everybody deserves love except fats, we come out in support of breastfeeding and against people giving jokes to comedians, Jeff makes Hank sing, much more. Much.

find us at:

out of context quote:

"It seemed like it made sense for me to shower until I heard the gasps of the Muslims."



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Episode 009 - Will Miles

Comedian Will Miles joins Hank and Jeff on the podcast.

Spooks, ghosts and goblins, Jeff's Halloween costumes, AILF, Black Galifianakas does a lot of banging, one of us grew up in Boystown (hint: not Jeff or Hank), hip hop nerds (hint: not Hank), Hank reads Esquire magazine, Also: FUCK ESQUIRE MAGAZINE, we settle the age old question: Tits or Ass?, FACTCHECK: Cillian Murphy & Mark Twain, Hank big digs into Boston, Will tells us about his career as a brother of a brother, Will started high in comedy, and lots more, tons of good healing racist fun!

out of context quote:

"Very few people think about their taxes while getting blown."


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Episode 008 - Jeff Steinbrunner

Comedian Jeff Steinbrunner joins Hank and co-host Lane on the podcast.

Brunner vs brenner, divorce is a good thing, sexy black mannequins, what it's like having a sister, horse carriages, body fluids and solids are surprisingly warm, Lane tells the Starbucks story, Jeff does door duty at Marvel comics not really, horse carriages?, douchey dudes and chick fights, baptism gone wild, Hank and Jeff geek out over Inception, Justin Fuckin' Timberlake!, FACT CHECK: flannel vs plaid, ancients be trippin' over honey, horse carriages??, Iron Chef gets the business, horse carriages!! and tons more.

out of context quotes:

"When you're in the 4th grade, that's when homophobia is at it's peak."

"You guys are throwing out a lot of Ron Perlman vehicles."




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Episode 007 - Tony Blanco

Comedian Tony Blanco joins Hank and Simmons on the podcast

Jersey shore, the difference between cajun and creole, vietnam, food and cultural rape, theatre assholes, Tony was house MC at Lakeshore Theatre, Robin Williams is a smoocher, Jim Jeffries introduced Tony to his boys, how attraction works in the animal kingdom and the power of training, mine safety (not mind safety), politics are so fun to talk about except when they're not, and lots lots more.

out of context quote:

"In the way that Hank describes whores, I'm a whore."

Follow Tony on twitter:

Hank's twitter:

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Episode 006 - Sam Norton

Comedian Sam Norton joins Hank and Simmons on the podcast.

fashion during the apocalypse, we are experts on the gays, the difference between plaid and flannel, Simmons wishes he wasn't a nerd, Barry White, WW2, should executions be televised?, souls, Sam tells a very scary ghost story, Catfish (the movie, not the delicious snack), peeholes are not playthings, caving, Hank tells a very scary squirrel-peeing-on-him story, death penalty, uncomfortable interview, lots more!

out of context quote:

"So he goes and gets himself lost on purpose and drinks his own piss?"

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Episode 005 - Mike Joyce

Comedian Mike Joyce joins and Hank and Simmons on the podcast.

Bootleg Comedy is back, the death of Greg Giraldo, Hank tells a boring story about losing his keys, comedy & girlfriends, leaving Chicago, Schubas, Coles, NEW SEGMENT: Simmons Reads a Pornstar Blog or Twitter, committing to act outs, segway guy dies in segway accident, Hank recalls encountering cockroaches at a restaurant in Elgin, a new holocaust joke!, Hank wasn't funny at all during this episode.

out of context quote:

"I want to call you, 'Hank 'boring key story' Thompson'."

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Episode 004 - Ricky Gonzalez

Comedian Ricky Gonzalez joins Hank and Simmons on the podcast.

Simmons has no phone and got into a fight maybe, the moon landing controversy is real, Oregon is filled with ugly people, Hank has fun with rubbers, Ricky played baseball despite being left-handed, writing classes, can you be too good looking to be a stand up?, bombing sucks, Ricky runs a show, Lane Pieschel is a piece of shit, summer is bad for comedy, FACT CHECK: sound holes, Hank and Ricky geek out over the Simpsons, and more.

out of context quote:

"You couldn't get your fucking face over the toilet?"

Direct download: 2010.09.27_WandL_004_-_Ricky_Gonzalez.mp3
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Episode 003 - Joe McAdam, Ryan Walker

toilet vandalism, in-studio listener, a loved show shuts its doors maybe, Hank stands up to cancer, religion and guilt, scuba gear for worms, new sponsor: Powerade! (not Gatorade), The Town is better than Dinner for Schmucks, Joe writes for the Late Live Show, beer guitar, more seafood talk, pickles on craigslist, cigars are gross, first time on stage stories, horse hygiene and dentistry.

out of context quote:

"Do chickens have a cup size?"

Direct download: 2010.09.20_WandL_003_-_Joe_McAdam_Ryan_Walker.mp3
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prosthetic testicles for Man and his best friend, Joe can't wait for Legends of the Guardian: The Owls of Ga'Hoole, the dangers of breastfeeding, we spoil the movie Moon, Joe's start in comedy, lasagna techniques, sponsors for the show: Fleshlight, Quaker Oats, Wilford Brimley, a new segment debuts, the joys of eating seafood.

out of context quote:

"No, I've never gone noodling. It's one of my things on the bucket list."

Direct download: 2010.09.13_WandL_002_-_Simmons_McDavid_Joe_McAdam.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 2:28pm PST

Lane's grandma was a model, hilarious t-shirt ideas!, reacting to a bad set, Starbucks' customer racial mix, movies, Clint Eastwood loves to fuck, Simmons and Lane are both Southern hicks, censorship, it's dangerous being a Deadliest Catch cameraman.

out of context quote:

"Jodie Foster is the biggest piece of shit."

Direct download: 2010.09.06_WandL_001_-_Simmons_McDavid_Lane_Pieschel.mp3
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