Winners and Losers Podcast (podcast)

Comedian Tyson K joins Hank and Joe McAdam on the podcast. Hear Tyson's crazy story of moving to Chicago 3 days after being dumped by the girl he was moving to Chicago with. Then a little Game of Thrones talk, some stand up comedy talk and the sex lives of trees gets the Winners and Losers Treatment. This is part 1 of a 2 part episode. By the end of part 2 we'd finished a case of beer.

out of context quote:

"Here I go! I'm unzipping!"


Tyson's Twitter: @TysonKComedy

Joe's Twitter: @JoeMcAdam

Hank's Twitter: @Hank_Thompson


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Episode 087 - Saurin Choksi

Comedian Saurin Choksi joins Hank and Liza on the podcast. Topics include how Hank and Saurin met as new Chicago comics, Liza's dishes details on featuring for Amy Schumer in a Milwaukee theater and another alluring round of ROMANTIC FANTASIES. Plus a lot of hilarious chit-chat that will rock your whirled. Get it! Ahhhhh.

out of context quote:

"Is this really happening? Is this what he does?"


Saurin's website: and twitter: @saurinchoksi

Liza's twitter: @GlitterCheese Folla her!

Hank's website: and twitter: @Hank_Thompson


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Episode 086 - Pat O'Rourke and Rob Gregory and Me

Podcasting duo Pat O'Rourke and Rob Gregory (Somebody and Me Podcast)join podcasting uno Hank on the podcast for a raucous discussion about cereal, the improv world, Jane Goodall, video games, the Walking Dead and more and more! Tune in!

out of context quotes:

"Were her dogs walking around the class?"

"What is this? A Difficult-Bake Oven?"


Pat and Rob's Podcast: Somebody and Me. Twitter: @SomebodyFunny

Hank's blog: Twitter: @Hank_Thompson


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Episode 085 - Just the Gratuity with Matt Riggs

Comedian/podcaster Matt Riggs joins Hank and Joe on the podcast. Topics include: springy time, Your Funniest Friends Showcase, berry production and cleaning, being taken to the salad bar, pretty porno faces, tipping etiquette at starbucks, sexy car sex, Joe's being filmed for a documentary about comedy, Hank's Big Bomb (sort of), Matt has his mom as a guest on his show, and many more words are said.

out of context quotes:

"I felt weird because it was in my neighborhood and she had a lot of windows."

"Tipping is a big deal in this country. Tipping."


Matt and Joe's podcast: Bad News Good Timing. Matt's other podcast: Matt Likes Girls. Twitter: @MattRiggs

Joe's website: Twitter: @Joe_Fernandez84

Hank's website: Twitter: @Hank_Thompson


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Episode 084 - Bomb Away with Kevin Hogan

Comedian Kevin Hogan joins Hank and Dan on the podcast. Topics discussed: When to request donations, chromosomes, apartment to attract the ladies, Kevin's Bombing Story, Kevin gets into politics to take on Big Scholarship, CSI: Minnesota for real? No, turning down Seth Mcfarlane, Kevin was a cigarette fairy and how he got fired, Dan gets fired up about podcast pushback, SEGMENT: HANK WROTE A PLAY FOR SOME REASON, podcasts and parents oh my!, Kevin and Dan's "friendship", ideas for spicing up an open mic, plus a bunch more sh*t. Fun for everybody.

out of context quotes:

"When did I fail wizard school?!"

"Hey, it doesn't say no creeps within 500 feet."


Dan and Kevin's podcast: The Friesen Point

Hank's Blog:


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Comedian Drew Michael (@DrewMComedy) joins Hank and Mike on the podcast. Topics include: the importance of insult accuracy, baldness and prison fear, Mike went to maximum security prison and then performed at the opening night of the Chicago Laugh Factory, recent changes in the Chicago Comedy scene, Hank saw Drew open for Jim Jeffries in 2008, Mike's being filmed for a documentary, Life's Too Short, Three Stooges Trailer, selling out to sell out and the art of compromising art, how Drew learned to calm down, Facebook arguing, scene beefs, how the mind f*cks with reality, NEWS SEGMENT: Drew Michael Hears the News!, the slope of justice bends toward freedom. Plus more!

out of context quotes:

"No geniuses as far as Trivial Pursuit goes."

"Water? Smoke? What do I look like? A convenience store?"

"I have some open ligaments sticking out."


Drew's show: and website:

Mike's website: and Twitter: @mikestanley1

Hank's blog: and Twitter: @Hank_Thompson

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Episode 081 - Bedroom Sighs with Megan Gailey

Comedian and female Megan Gailey (@MeganGailey) joins males Hank and Joe on the podcast. Topics include: how female comedians are introduced, the audition process/doing commercials for companies you don't support, bedroom eyes, Megan was almost a Bud Light Girl for the Super Bowl and got over it by going to the Super Bowl, puppy dog face and other manipulations, nursing home nookie, another round of DALAI LAMA OR PORNSTAR!, quitting smoking. So many words were spoken!

out of context quote:

"All these fancy people can't be bothered by regulars. We don't need them touching us."


Megan's podcast:

Joe's comedy group:

Hank's website:

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Episode 080 - Sean Flannery

Comedian and podcaster Sean Flannery (@Sean_M_Flannery) joins Hank and Joe on the podcast. Topics include: Sean's sports parody show: Visitor's Locker Room, sports sensationalism and the role it plays in society, tribalism, America's Religion: Football, stadiums, Hank solves the NFL's concussion problem, Robot Jocks, Green Bay's unique organizational structure, birthdays and Birthday shows, How Sean developed his one man show Never Been to Paris, working at the UCB, crazy drunk stories from dudes, Sean (and his very tolerant wife) lived with a comb over, Drive, Bronson and Real Steel. Plus more and more!
out of context quotes:
"I consider the NFL to be borderline evil."
"I fell down earlier today."
See Sean's One Man Show, Never Been to Paris at Comedy Bar, Sean's website:
Joe McAdam's website: and twitter (@JoeMcAdam)
Hank's website: and twitter: (@Hank_Thompson)
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Episode 079 - Pete Holmes

Comedian, writer, podcaster and voice Pete Holmes (@peteholmez) joins Hank on the podcast. Topics include: transitioning from improv to stand up, the duality of existence, breaking down material and the layers of details, being a fan of yourself, sex and stand up, Pete's thought process between shows, what motivates decision-making and why people choose comedy, how his podcast has affected the crowds, life as a famous fake baby, the riff rift, Pete cartoons for the New Yorker, Hank loses track of a thought about being in the moment, writing for television overthinking, watering yourself, aggro can be appropo, angry dad/smothering mother, talent, drive, crazy and the other things it takes to succeed. Plus tons more! Thanks for listening!

out of context quote:

"All the things that make sex good make stand up good"


Follow Pete on Twitter: (@PeteHolmez). His website: ( Listen to his podcast: (You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes)

Follow Hank on Twitter: (@Hank_Thompson). Here's his blog: (


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Episode 078 - Stephen Markley

Author and Red Eye columnist Stephen Markley joins Hank and Jeff on the podcast. Topics include: is a middle name an ACTUAL name? Stephen's book 'Publish this Book,' reading at an erotic fiction reading series, looking at the long game and self-promotion, the world of literary journals, a Springsteen song to Brucetube, sexy book parties, Stephen's Page 4 colum in the Red Eye, the psychology of taking offense, getting LOST in another thrilling round of Romantic Fantasies, Hank shoes away airport love, @RupertMurdoch, protecting material, SOPA, sports strikes and plenty of must-listen politics. And more! Thanks!

out of context quotes:

"No one's ever had a healthy relationship. It just doesn't exist."

"It's like a choose-your-own-adventure except someone already made the choices for you. AKA a book."


Follow Stephen on Twitter: @StephenMarkley. Read his Red Eye column. Get his book: Publish This Book! His website: 

Follow Jeff on Twitter: @jsteinbrunner. Jeff's Saturday night show:

Follow Hank on Twitter: @Hank_Thompson. Read his blog:


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