Winners and Losers Show
Bianca Gisselle knew early she had a thing for music and after listening to this podcast so will you. The singer/songwriter brings her talents to the show for a fun and silly discussion about music, music life, life outside music, and handling old creeps at the grocery store. We even solve the mystery of mom jeans. Plus, a Winners & Losers First! Bianca performs the song, Smiling Under My Umbrella, live! Get your dancing pants on, motherfuckers! 
In this podcast: When she started in music, eunuchs are unique, having it or not having it, where songs come from, a live performance of her latest song, get your music out there, how the music world works, furry boots and other awesome fashion, mom jeans deconstructed, Shakira, Bianca's brush with a creep exposes the sad truth about creepdom, and more!
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