Winners and Losers Show

Marina Shifrin quit her job in the best way possible: publicly, and while dancing. Her video, "An Interpretive Dance For My Boss Set To Kanye West's Gone" received 15 million views in under two weeks, vaulting her to global Internet stardom and earned her appearances on the Today Show, The Queen Latifah Show and other outlets. Here the comedian-writer shares the inside story of how the video came to be, what it's like being at the center of an Internet maelstrom and about the next stage of her post-viral life. Her immense talent has taken her to great places and now its taken her to the immensest place of all: The Winners and Losers Show. 

In this podcast: one of the largest viral videos of 2013, writing for the internet, broken hearts and bruised egos, living in Taiwan, Next Media Animation, the difference between managers and agents, the big bad YouTube world, being a offered a job on-air by Queen Latifah, the cool coolness of Carson Daly, the boundaries of bosses, living in LA, Hank's moment of sad horrific irony, and so much more!

Marina on Twitter: @MarinaVsTweets | website:

Kelly on Twitter: @KellyHuddleston

Hank on Twitter: @Hank_Thompson


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