Winners and Losers Show

Joe McAdam is a charming man. He's so naturally funny that you'll quickly forgive his countless flaws. Since moving to LA in the summer of 2013, he's taken over the apartment where he lives and hasn't looked back since. In this podcast: the nightmare that is Facebook birthdays, Kelly's latest Get Rich Never scheme, Joe's dirty family secret about Santa, Kelly tells us about horrific casting workshops, Joe blows his job hunt, Lance Bass in space, bitcoin what is, some guinea pigs met a dog, why you should put potatoes and condoms in separate garbage cans, bettering oneself, Joe met Ron Jeremy and had an impromptu threeway with him. Plus more! 

Joe on Twitter: @JoeMcAdam  |  Joe's Website:

Kelly on Twitter: @KellyHuddleston

Hank on Twitter: @Hank_Thompson


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