Winners and Losers Show
Episode 080 - Sean Flannery

Comedian and podcaster Sean Flannery (@Sean_M_Flannery) joins Hank and Joe on the podcast. Topics include: Sean's sports parody show: Visitor's Locker Room, sports sensationalism and the role it plays in society, tribalism, America's Religion: Football, stadiums, Hank solves the NFL's concussion problem, Robot Jocks, Green Bay's unique organizational structure, birthdays and Birthday shows, How Sean developed his one man show Never Been to Paris, working at the UCB, crazy drunk stories from dudes, Sean (and his very tolerant wife) lived with a comb over, Drive, Bronson and Real Steel. Plus more and more!
out of context quotes:
"I consider the NFL to be borderline evil."
"I fell down earlier today."
See Sean's One Man Show, Never Been to Paris at Comedy Bar, Sean's website:
Joe McAdam's website: and twitter (@JoeMcAdam)
Hank's website: and twitter: (@Hank_Thompson)
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