Winners and Losers Show
Episode 079 - Pete Holmes

Comedian, writer, podcaster and voice Pete Holmes (@peteholmez) joins Hank on the podcast. Topics include: transitioning from improv to stand up, the duality of existence, breaking down material and the layers of details, being a fan of yourself, sex and stand up, Pete's thought process between shows, what motivates decision-making and why people choose comedy, how his podcast has affected the crowds, life as a famous fake baby, the riff rift, Pete cartoons for the New Yorker, Hank loses track of a thought about being in the moment, writing for television overthinking, watering yourself, aggro can be appropo, angry dad/smothering mother, talent, drive, crazy and the other things it takes to succeed. Plus tons more! Thanks for listening!

out of context quote:

"All the things that make sex good make stand up good"


Follow Pete on Twitter: (@PeteHolmez). His website: ( Listen to his podcast: (You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes)

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