Winners and Losers Show
Episode 077 - Rich and Stylish with Liza Treyger

Comedian Liza Treyger (@GlitterCheese) returns to the podcast. Topics include: extreme pringles, religion and witches, movie theater snacks and full meals, Fashion magazine for fashion women, Kelly Oxford and twitter, Liza is BFF with Nikki Glazer (Best Feature Forever), hating liza makes her likeable, the perfect wedding ring, liver transplants and lungs, Liza's job and job interviewing, lifestyles of the rich and stylists, Celebrity News with Liza Treyger: Montana Fishburne, tons of money fantasies, Leonardo De Caprio is surprisingly young, breaking bad and crazy addictions, favorite babies, Puff Daddy vs Jay Z and a randy game of Would You Rather?

out of context quotes:

"Today I was watching a Law and Order: SVU called 'Slaves.'"

"Because they're surrounded by yes women."


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