Winners and Losers Show

Bill's locks are grey with love, La Croix is La Crap, blues clues cuts deep, free soda etiquette, the story of Lane being cheered off the stage at Schubas, religion and bits and when family gives you both, the age-old question: finger-painting or finger-banging- Bob Ross weighs in, the history and methodology behind Bill Cruz's F*CK LIST, crazy zombie film boner dream, watching scary movies and shows alone like Paranormal Activity and American Horror Story, fake blood tips, Bill wrote for the Anthology "Out on the Edge". Plus mouthfuls of other words.

Out of context quotes:

"This year's Christmas was my family's 9/11. Never again!"

"I didn't say I didn't like it. But I don't."

"That's my plug. I've just been combing my hair recently. You should check it out."


Bill's prestigious Top Ten List of Comics he'd Like to F*CK in 2012 on the Chicago comedy scene site:

Lane's group: Your Funniest Friends

Hank's website: Suck Professor

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