Winners and Losers Show
Episode 071 - Zany Daze PART 2 with Matt Riggs and Jeff Steinbrunner

PART 2- The 2nd half of our conversation with comedian and podcaster Matt Riggs (@MattRiggs) and (@JSteinbrunner) we discuss getting better at stand up comedy, Matt's split with his previous podcasting partner, drunks at open mics, sushi abuse and wasted food, improving jokes, the scourge of handshaking, Matt entertained Julia his first doing stand up, how and why comedy stories, YFF's new show at the Joynt, a funny story about Rise at the Pizza Film Festival, Hank gets weirdly excited about behind the scenes videos of The Hobbit, and 3D filmmaking "explained." Plus a ton more. Listen up, you!

out of context quotes:

"Cause the judge can't see ear bruises."

"I do. That's why it shouldn't be gross."


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