Winners and Losers Show
Episode 009 - Will Miles

Comedian Will Miles joins Hank and Jeff on the podcast.

Spooks, ghosts and goblins, Jeff's Halloween costumes, AILF, Black Galifianakas does a lot of banging, one of us grew up in Boystown (hint: not Jeff or Hank), hip hop nerds (hint: not Hank), Hank reads Esquire magazine, Also: FUCK ESQUIRE MAGAZINE, we settle the age old question: Tits or Ass?, FACTCHECK: Cillian Murphy & Mark Twain, Hank big digs into Boston, Will tells us about his career as a brother of a brother, Will started high in comedy, and lots more, tons of good healing racist fun!

out of context quote:

"Very few people think about their taxes while getting blown."


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